Can a Christian convert an Atheist without the use of Biblical verses?

Of course it’s possible. I would say there are two general ways to convert atheists:

1. Emotional appeals – Although they may not admit it, many people are only Christian because they have found their spiritual ‘comfort zone’ and don’t want to burn in hell for an eternity due to a simple wrong decision. If they begin to question their faith, they convince themselves that the Devil is tempting them with knowledge of the world and use Bible verses to support ideologies associated with blind devotion. Also, many Christians feel respected and valued in their religious communities and constantly compare them to non-religious ‘outgroups’ associated with sinful acts (abortionists, murderers, prostitutes, etc.). Why not choose the ‘safe side’, they reason, in both lifestyle and belief in God? In addition, many people don’t like the idea of there being no clear-cut rules of morality or inherent meaning in life.

2. Evidence-based appeals – this is more difficult to accomplish and is often based on faulty logic and reasoning. They tend to ask broad questions that show an underdeveloped understanding of scientific concepts, such as ‘How could life come from nothing?’ and ‘Why aren’t there part-human part-monkey creatures in existence?’ A better approach may include attempting to provide evidence for the Bible’s credibility as a historical document (i.e. ancient copies that are consistent in content). They can then make the jump to accepting the Bible as an infallible spiritual work. Christians looking to convert can also point out man’s natural religious inclinations (explained largely by evolutionary psychology) and attempt to support the existence of souls (which is difficult due to the mind’s inextricable connection to brain functioning).

Usually when it comes down to it, faith is harped on the most. How else would a belief system like Christianity have survived into the 20th- and 21-st centuries? This point can be made my paraphrasing Bible verses, although citing anything biblical is usually a mistake with an atheist, similar to citing Tolkien or Rowling. In my opinion, emotional and evidence-based claims are the way to go for the highest likelihood of conversion.

A Christian cannot convert an atheist even with biblical verses. First, the Spirit must work within the unbeliever to bring the person to a saving faith.

You claim they are conflicting each other; wrong. You have three different accounts of what happened the day Christ was killed. Lets say 11 people were at the site of one of Obama’s speech rallies. These 11 decide to write about the speech. Not one will match the other 10 because they see it and hear it through their own understanding. What one focused more on, the others didn’t. This does not mean that it didn’t take place; it means the one was writing more on what he/she wanted to get out of it. You pick three authors to show conflict; I don’t see conflict in what they say at all. Why have you failed to show the book, chapter, verse(s) you question on creation and Mary Magdalene? Revelation 14:8 is talking about those who ‘worship the beast’ you will find your answer in verse 9-11 (if you pick one verse out and tear it apart what justice is that?) You have to know how to read the Bible, to understand the Bible. This is during the 70th week of Daniel by the way. Isaiah 45:7 means physical or calamity not moral. <<<<<<Also explain why differing versions of events are not considered contradictions.>>>>> How many history books are out there on the United States of America? Are all these history books contradictions of each other as you say the different versions of the Bible are? We don’t have to convince any one the Bible is all TRUTH. That will be between them and our Maker. All we are to do is spread the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Edit; <<<<<<<<<I see the Christians are dodging the question. If you can’t answer it you done of two things: 1. Change the subject or 2. Give a lame excuse and not answer. That is what is happening here. If you Xians can’t answer these questions, then how can you possibly believe that the Bible is the inerrant word of god? Isn’t it your duty to try and convert me? If it is, then use logic and I just might be saved. It’s your duty not to dodge the question but to try and save me.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Many have answered you; but you have chosen to understand nothing they have said. You don’t want to understand other than no one has answered the way you want them to answer. No we are not to convert any one; that is not our job. The Holy Spirit will convert (your word) to those that truly seek God.

Christians don’t convert anyone.

Only God does that… and He employs the help
of Christians to help answer the questions new
converts inevitably wish to ask.

Bible verses are of value for concise answers.

Since it was probably biblical verses that made the person atheist to begin with, I don’t think that works very well.

No more effectively than they can with the verses, I suppose. They may have success in a few cases but for most of us, they’re bringing a knife to a gun fight. In another sense, they do every day, but their victims are babies.

no one can ever convert an atheist. it has never happened and it never will. if a person is truly an atheist they would never believe in a deity. if someone is a christian and they say they used to be an atheist they are either misinformed or lying. if they converted then they were never an atheist they were an agnostic.

“Preach the Gospel at all times, but only if you have to, use words”. – Francis of Asissi.

One thing I’ve noticed about denominational Christians, is that they always seek the opportunity to speak the word and yet pass the opportunity to practice it. I’m not saying that to criticise their method, but I firmly believe there is a time to speak, a time to be silent, a time to love…

Do you also do math without using numbers?

They certain try… using scare tactic like the horrible things that will happen hell, for example. That’s not in the Bible.

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