Can India be a super power till 2020?

Can India be a superpower
Well it is a big question
but can India do it?
Can India be permanent member of UN?

attack pakistan concur it
rule nepal bhutan
concur chaina with russia
help russia make ussr again
then concur the rest of asia

Can India be a super power till 2020?

1)Can India be a superpower:Not by 2020.
2)Well it is a big question : Yes.
3)but can India do it?: Yes. It will take at least a century or more.
4)Can India be a permanent member of UN?: Yes of course.If India is subservient to U.S.A and if U.S..A is convinced of the same.

NO.India cannot be a superpower by 2020.India has not got the
culture to become superpower.We do not have a work culture,
we do not have a cleanliness culture,we do not have an environ-
ment protection culture and so on. We have a large population
and at present 30% people are not having proper food.This number
will increase by 2020.The ruling party does illegal things,police is
inactive,judiciary is allmost defunct,slowand costly.All India Service
personnel are sycophant to their political masters for their own
end.The whole adminstration will be crumbling down by 2020.

No wonder the idea of India as the next superpower is fast becoming conventional wisdom. And in an October survey by the Chicago Council on World Affairs, Indians said they saw their country as the second most influential in the world.
Sorry: India is not a superpower, and in fact, that is probably the wrong ambition for it, anyway. Why?
47 percent of Indian children under the age of five are either malnourished or stunted.
The adult literacy rate is 61 percent (behind Rwanda and barely ahead of Sudan). Even this is probably overstated, as people are deemed literate who can do little more than sign their name.
Only 10 percent of the entire Indian labor force works in the formal economy; of these fewer than half are in the private sector.
The enrollment of six-to-15-year-olds in school has actually declined in the last year. About 40 million children who are supposed to be in school are not.
About a fifth of the population is chronically hungry; about half of the world’s hungry live in India.
More than a quarter of the India population lives on less than a dollar a day.
India has more people with HIV than any other country.
(Sources: UNDP, Unicef, World Food Program; Edward Luce)
You get the idea.
The 2006 UN Human Development Report, which ranks countries according to a variety of measures of human health and welfare, placed India 126th out of 177 countries. India was only a few places ahead of rival Pakistan (134th) and hapless Cambodia (129) and behind such not-about-to-be-superpowers as Equatorial Guinea (120), and Tajikistan (122).
As these and other numbers suggest, Indian triumphalism is not only premature, it is misguided. Yes, growth has been brisk, and of course growth is necessary to make a dent in poverty. But as Edward Luce, author of the excellent, “In Spite of the Gods: The Strange Rise of Modern India,” noted in a recent talk, poverty in India is not falling nearly as fast as its brisk rate of growth might anticipate
As Prime Minister Singh told Luce, “Our biggest single problem is the lack of jobs for ordinary people.”
As for the other two legs of development triangle – education and infrastructure – these are still badly broken. About a third of teachers fail to show up on any given day (and, of course, are unsackable); the supply of both water and power is expensive and unreliable.
Hubris, of course, is the stuff of politics everywhere. But the future will not belong to India unless it takes action to embrace it, and that means more than high-profile vanity projects like putting a man on the moon or building the world┬╣s tallest tower. It means showing that the world’s largest democracy can deliver real progress to the hundreds of millions who have never used the phone, much less the Internet. And in important ways, that just isn’t happening.
So friend………

Well, India pretty much owns every motel chain in the USA. If if becomes a permanent member of the UN, its delegates can stay at the Knights Inn for free.

As all we know that india is growing faster than other country except china. china because we know that china have good high qualified strengths of manpower with efficient policies as they apply every where whether be a internal or external aspects. but in case of india is still under big complex mazz of inefficient management and non-relevant govt. policies which broadly affect to the growth. besides this as we know that our president has announced the vision for india as “DEVELOPED INDIA” by 2020 which describes the major five areas should be improved efficiently and speedily like infrastcuture and communication, education, agriculture reforms, research and development, IT AND SCIENCE sector etc. if indian govt. can improve efficiency and remove the corruption and political interference in development and expansion of the country’s economy and dother aspects the india can easily become a super power before 2020 . but it is not only possible through government we all should make contribution to it to achieve this target not only for us but for our future expectations also. THANK YOU

Its all depend upon the mentality of the people, who really lack of awareness of many things happening around them

No until and unless we control our population, educate them, and eradicate corruption “super power” status would be only on paper

U better work 4 it then askin such stupid ques but hope’s on

ya offcourse

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