Christians: Why don’t you take this opportunity on Yahoo Answers to ask us Atheist challenging questions.?

…. And I mean some really challenging questions. You are all going the wrong route questioning biology here. Surely you can make people think more deeper. Like how does one get at truth? What is evidence? What do you thin k a miracle is etc etc etc.
If you are a christian that does this, then hope you dont mind…

I think there are a few reasons. First, often small errors are pointed out within the question and the entire argument readily dismissed as a result. That aside, it is easier to ask questions from one side of the issue than the other. That is, one requires more technical knowledge. If one is an Atheist, they generally accept most, if not all, scientific theories and principals. A Christian asking a thought-provoking question needs to have more knowledge of these theories and principals than the Atheists that respond to it. This is usually not what happens, therefore most Christian questions are weak in nature.

Personally, I am unable to organize my thoughts into a simple question. If I were to try, it would probably turn out something like: “how can you believe the big bang theory?” That is just asking for trouble. To do it right, it would take me several hours of careful planning and research. To be honest, I don’t care what you guys believe in, especially not enough to take that much time on a single question. I don’t believe in pushing my religion on others. I do my best to give thought-provoking answers and those who are interested can take it from there.


Thank you. I do my best.

I suppose to make a question, I would ask something cliche like:”where does life come from?” It seems to me that I’ve seen many living things die, but no dead things come to life. Is not this because the origin of life is life? Not only this, but doesn’t this lend credulence to the idea that life can create non-life? Granted, there is a difference but, back to the main point. Isn’t it hard to believe that at some point the atoms in the universe fell together in such a way as to create a ridiculously long genetic sequence equipped with a genetic decoder and several task-oriented micro machines to carry-out the various jobs that need to be done within a cell? In addition to all that, it just happens to be in the right place? It was at a correct temerature surrounded by water rather than the sulfuric acid that I can only imagine would be prevalent on early Earth? It also came equipped with the strange ability to eponentially multiply itself, not just making clones but creating new versions of itself to carry out higher specialized tasks? This all seems to indicate some form of design. For me, this is God. It is not the result of 2000 years of brainwashing; it is product of reason.

Hope that’s thought-provoking enough.
Like I say though, there is a lot I don’t know and this is unresearched.

how does one get at truth?– I only found the truth as I believe it to be when I read the Bible using Concordance, and with the help of a teacher who understands the meanings of translation,/ and transliterations. This opened my mind to study more alone. And I found things I never dreamed of right there. No bull.

What is evidence? I am searching for that. call it bunk/debunk. I am OK with the fact I may not even not live to find all of my answers.

What do you thin k a miracle is? I believe a miracle is something that defies all scientific wisdom, and probability, having no known cause for an effect.

In my opinion, the Big Bang Theory makes a lot of sense. But there is just one thing… How did the little speck that the earth started out as come to be?

Please answer MY question now. I really want to hear an Atheist’s answer.

EDIT: But where did space and matter and everything come from? It didn’t just appear out of no where.

EDIT: Pure ignorance. I’m not siding with theists or atheist but you have nothing to back up your statements.


Can you comprehend a God that is and isn’t a God? Can anybody? Do you understand that everything that makes sense is insane? Can anybody comprehend the complexity of the human thought and emotion? What are we? Where are we? Why are we here? Here, are we why? Why do we still have appendixes? Why is Jupiter so freaking huge? What if an alien race threw a Jovian into our sun 2,000 years ago? What if the stars aren’t stars? How can we tell? How can we not tell? How can we tell what to tell?

These are questions all regarding God. And not regarding God. Do you understand? Or do they not challenge you? Can you comprehend; decide? Can you think beyond the “common logic”? I know I can, if I put my mind to it.

ok i got one

why don’t atheists on yahoo answers grow up and stop being immature, when will they stop thinking they are better than someone else just because of what they believe and what actually makes you better?

another one

why do atheists claim they are more tolerant,kind, smarter people when they have to resort to petty insults over the internet? does it make them feel big?

the list could go on

Your Personal Focus is currently on Christians.
I wonder if….you Will consider Focusing on Yourself.
What is your Reason for Being You?
Why are you Here?
How have you Come?
Will you Arrive.
Where are you Going?

May it Be Well with You.

Why are you aiming at a certain religion?
Are you so unhappy with your belief (or in this case, non belief) that you must bring another belief down. Get over it and move on. Stop being so petty.

They have been taught not to ask questions of any sort. They have been taught not to have critical thinking. Now you’re asking them to have exactly that? Its anathema to their religion. They can’t. Their god will punish them for it.

It is kind of hard to think deeply when the answer to everything is “goddidit”.

Pastor of Cognitive Dissonance
Church of Intellectual Dishonesty

Atheists can only attack and attempt to tear down, but they cannot build. Their entire philosophy is just based on disbelief

And everytime I have asked one, most of them avoid answering but are quick to point out an obscure typo that I made

EDIT: Bullshit, I’ll bet I make less of them than you do

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