Democrats who hate Bush, answer to this…?

George Bush has been in office for 7½ years. The first six the economy was fine.

A little over one year ago:
1) Consumer confidence stood at a 2½ year high;
2) Regular gasoline sold for $2.19 a gallon;
3) the unemployment rate was 4.5%.
4) the Dow Jones Stock Market hit a record high, 14,000+
5) Americans…

I think its funny that you did your homework to prove we will be in trouble if Obama is elected and you still get called an idiot. I have always voted democrat but this year I am voting republican. I am smart enough to see that Obama and the dem’s will tear this country apart. Good question by the way

Actually, you are right. Consumer confidence and the economy is the primary goal/role of congress, with the president effecting it very little. During more than just the first 4 years of President Bush, even though at war, our economy soared.

What gripes did you have about the first 6 years of office? Aside from the war, the economy was good, more funding than ever in history went to third world countries to develope treatments for diseases. We were doing good and we were helping out the world. It has been since the new congress was elected. I dont blame democrats, I blame politicians not giving a S#%$. Bot republican and democrats that are in the house and senate right now are greedy and would not do anything for the lower to middle class person.

And this comes from someone that is voting for Obama. I think McCain has some horrible ideas and he isnt a republican. I would rather vote for the democrat that calls himself a democrat rather than vote for the democrat that calls himself a republican.

What on earth are you trying to do? You can’t use correct facts on a leftist, blind and uninterested in truth, democrat. Truth and fact get in the way of hatred and banal remarks. “Cast not your pearls before swine.” LMAO. Sorry, I just couldn’t help myself. Thanks for trying to shed some light so that just maybe one will see and believe.

i might % to characteristic somewhat extra to the tale of a democrat ordering the dropping of nuclear weapons on Japan . extremely unlike Iraq , the jap attacked the U. S. on our very own soil . for the duration of our conflict with the jap specifically the conflict of Okinawa , the jap lost a hundred,000 -a hundred twenty five,000 men and the lives of seventy two ,000 human beings have been lost additionally . It grew to become into desperate that an invasion of the jap fatherland might have value the lives of many circumstances extra desirable than whom died interior the conflict for Okinawa . in assessment the bomb dropped on Hiroshima killed one hundred forty,000 whilst dropped August 6 , 1945 and after dropping leaflets soliciting for Japans resign August 8, 1945 ( by ways the leaflet campaign had already lasted a month earlier) Japan nevertheless refused resign . Then on August 9 , 1945 the 2nd bomb grew to become into dropped on Nagasaki killing one extra seventy 4 ,000 jap . that they have been warned to offer up in basic terms before this , no longer in straightforward terms by a month long leaflet dropping campaign yet additionally by radio Siapan Broadcast to the jap human beings . that they had an danger to end and resign and refused the prospect . The dropping of those bombs saved very plenty extra jap lives and American lives than might have been lost if the U. S. had to motel to a floor invasion of Japan . If we seem decrease back in straightforward terms to easily before the November elections , we’ve been combating insurgents in Iraq and as quickly through fact the elections have been over Bush began calling the insurgents Al Quaida individuals , in basic terms before that they have got been in basic terms insurgents . As president Bush’s thoughts substitute in basic terms approximately on an regular basis through fact the fact comes out , his credibility has become a sick humorous tale to the overpowering majority along with his very own celebration . he’s now a guy unto himself unwilling to hearken to militia experts nor the yankee human beings . I incredibly have no longer something to characteristic in his protection .

There is a lag time.

It takes time for people who get into office to screw things up.

Bush’s screw ups didn’t start appearing until around the Dems were elected.

The Dems weren’t responsible for the screw ups.

Bush and his Repubs were.

Look, at the first sign of trouble the Republicans want to give corps an almost 1 trillion dollar welfare check.

What happened to smaller government?

What happened to being fiscally conservative?

what you state is false…let me explain why…we have to start by looking at how the government gets its money which is TAXES, now during the Bush administration, and everybody knows this, TAXES have been a priviliege of the RICH who pay less taxes and that has hurt 90% of americans who are only middle class or lower class, The democrats and Clinton gave Bush a SURPLUS for the first time in history so IT IS absolutely George W Bush’s fault the way it has been mismanaged and abused…it is TRUE that the economy was not that bad in 2004-2005 but IT WAS NEVER LIKE THE ECONOMY WE WERE EXPERIENCING IN THE 90’s at all…specifically from 96 to even 2000…now when Clinton left we were in a recession but that is logical everything that goes up goes down but NEVER was as bad as this CRISIS which is 20 times worse and i do not exageratte these are facts …under Bush everything has gone WRONG ..we are fighting a war that shouldnt have ever been cuz we were reasons to go in there that WERE NEVER TRUE…this war has cost us MORE than the 700 billion package that they are trying to pass, we have spent BILLIONS AND BILLIONS in killing at least 4,200 americans in Iraq and at least 100,000 iraquis…who by the way are iRAQ had nothing to do with 9/11 as you might know ALL of the hijackers were SAUDIS we went into a war that has done nothing good …but we refuse to give our own citizens health coverage….when Clinton was Prez THINGS WERE CHEAP,WE WERE NOT IN A WAR,GAS WAS EXTREMELY CHEAP COMPARED TO NOW,JOBS WERE GOOD AND WELL PAID,THE VALUE OF YOUR HOUSE WAS GOING UP NOT DOWN,AND THERE WAS OPTIMISM IN THE AIR ….all of that now sadly has been lost….you cannot blame democrats in the congress cuz the Preesident is the one who leads Bush has been in power for almos 8 years and Dems have controlled the congress for less than 2…not to mention Katrina when Bush decided to NOT SKIP HIS LITTLE VACATION …just days ago many republicans acknowledge that this crisis is the result of GREED …that is a lot of money has gone to very few hands…but McCain wants to cut the taxes to the very rich and rich…sorry but we had enough of George W Bush and according to more than 500 historians Bush will be INEVITABLY (and also by 70% of americans) REMEMBERED AS THE WORST PREZ IN HISTORY OF THIS NATION….Clinton on the other side (as history also shows) will be REMEMBERED AS ONE OF THE FINEST PRESIDENTS EVER… question about that

“The first six the economy was fine”??????? Where the heck have you been? Your second diatribe of points would never have happened had the economy been “fine”! Bush and his cronies’ greed have caused this whole mess. Nobody likes more government regulation, but apparently we need it to protect us from greed-mongers like these financial institutions. I can stand a heck of a lot more change.

ridiculous assumptions, bush has been asleep or wrong about everything and now all those combined blunders have hit home. only an idiot would still believe w is a good president.we need more change not less

100% correct
change,change,change is all obama speaks of well i got enough changes i am sick of it its starting to get to heavy to carry around.

we need ppl that will cash in that change not someone who just wants to carry the word around everywhere he goes
Bush Supporter
McCain Supporter

I am not a Democrat but I had to chime in …… are 100 percent correct

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