Do Christians have some type of mental disability?

They believe in the longest and most obviously fiction fairy tale ever conceived by man (the bible). I just have trouble seeing how such large group of people could believe in something so ridiculous.
In your answer keep in mind I am not attempting to insult or offend anybody, I am just very confused at how many…

Christians baptize their children at a very early age. Then they are educated in the ways of the church all through their childhood and into adulthood by their parents and the church hierarchy.
Basically, it is a form of brainwashing that has been perfected over 2000 years. It is very hard for anyone who has been exposed to this system to reject it.

Ultimately this is a question of faith versus logic. Both can exist within a person. The idea of most religions are to put our minds at ease. From the beginning of mankind one of the most human things we can do is think about life beyond what we can see and observe. They give us something to look forward to when we die. They give us a creation myth, how things began. And in between it gives us a code of conduct. In terms of believing not everyone who is Christian takes the bible literally. The bible can be taken as symbolic, especially the old testament. It makes us feel good to know there is ultimate order out there. That Hitler and Mother Theresa did not go to the same place. That the universe conspires towards compassion. It takes the burden of an arbitrary cosmos off our shoulders.
Is it against common sense to think there is something out there we can’t explain or accept without a leap of faith. I wouldn’t think so.
Science can only take us so far before we make assumptions that physical world works in a way we think it does. I guess in the end the greatest answer of all is why not?

Instead of looking at it as a fairy tale why don’t you try to pick apart the book in question and find logical reasoning beyond the words within. It’s not just the bible that’s full of “fairy tales”, but rather every sacred text in the history of mankind.

Normally when the spectrum is that vast it goes far beyond coincidence or insanity and falls into a category that some people feel warrant further investigation.

You either accept it as a work of fiction or you find every possible reason to disprove it as fact. Ones a hell of a lot easier than the other, but if you completely blow it off without doing your research than you’re no better than the fool that picks up the book, and without question or study, believes every minute word and detail within it.

I wouldn’t say it’s a mental disability, human beings apparently have some kind of inherit force inside of them that makes them want to believe in a higher power, but there’s also historical events that could easily sway someones mind into the belief that there are entities not from our “world”

i honestly couldnt explain it to you even if i wanted to
but how do you know that its fiction?!
all of the explanations (that ive heard) for the beginning of the universe are hardly believable.
i encourage you to take any type of biology course. the complexity of our world is incredible.. so much that i believe theres got to be a higher intelligence behind it
not everything has an explanation… if youre talking common sense here you really have to take a look at some of the theories concerning the creation of the world (which lack some sort of Creator). they base too much on chance and random occurence.
on what you said to leakingignorance, of course those books are outdated if they were written so long ago… slavery in the united states only went out around 1865.. thats only alittle over a century ago. some things that were ok back then have obviously changed.
as for the brainwashing idea… give me a break. people are able to think for themselves and in order to have a strong faith you have to discover it for yourself. dont think that people dont ask ‘how’ and ‘why’ all the time.
following christianity as a system blindly totally misses the purpose… and those could be the type of christians youre referring to.
the rules and everything are what man has created to get to God.
call it whatever you want but we all think that the other person is wrong until we get to experience what theyre feeling:)
you might want to check this site out.

In general speaking, not only do Christians believed in fiction fairy tales but other religions too has their own versions? For example, Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism, Muslims etc.
It is human nature for centuries unchanged that people who believes in gods also believes in demons or fairy tales. Simply because if there is positive then surely there must have negative, such as “Yin” & “Yang” in Buddhism and Taoism?
Imaging if religions has no evil presence and only god which represent only good, then there is no comparisons, no fear and might ended with no believers as people’s believed that it takes the good to curb the evil?
However, because of these myths, there are conflicts and mixed feelings which created frictions, anticipations and hope among the believers or otherwise, people will have lost interest in religions long ago?
So, if religions are here to stay, then humans superstitious has to be conceived no matter how ridiculous and crazy it may be?
That’s my belief.

most of them, no, i don’t think they have a mental disability.

But, no offense to any, I have seen a few Christians who believe ANYTHING any preacher says, regardless of truth, information, evidence, statistics, anything. If just one preacher says “that movie is evil. Boycott it” i have seen good people, Christians, who do not seem to understand that every preacher does not speak for God, directly, boycott a movie that has not yet been fully filmed – much less released in toto.

It bothers me, because i know these to be intelligent people. Yet they have trained their brains to not work in certain conditions -to not be logical or thoughtful if some unknown person SAYS God, or Bible—some (nowhere near all) Christians think God communicates a LOT more, and a lot more clearly than i think.

this not only bothers me, it scares me.
Because any person can claim “God told me;”
and we don’t know if they are sane or crazy.

Jim Jones, Charles Manson – both say they followed God’s plan, God’s orders.
I don’t believe that – and it is scary that anybody believes that.

Everyone has their right to their beliefs. Just because you don’t agree, it doesn’t make the other person mentally ill. Your definition of “common sense” may not make someone else’s definition. If anything, if you have that kind of irrational prejudice against someone based on their beliefs, it could be argued that it’s YOU who have the mental disability, not them.

I wonder…do you limit this alleged ‘mental disability’ towards only Christians or is it anyone with some sort of belief system i.e. Jewish, Buddhists, Taoist, Wiccans, etc

This is way to deep of a subject to ask for help here. I would first talk to a preacher or counselor. I have always been a Christian, and a Methodist follower. God does not promise that we live perfect lives as Christians or non-Christians. And just because you don’t believe in God, doesn’t mean God does not exist. It just means that you choose to ignore him. Autism doesn’t mean anything in the eyes of God. It means something in the eyes of man. God knows your soul perfectly, he knew you before you were born. He knows you 10 years from now, and in spite of your autism. He sends the Holy Spirit to speak to you and for you to speak with when you are struggling. Always know, Christians believe that Jesus is never far away, ESPECIALLY in times of struggle, like with Autism. I have an Autistic son, and God loves him very much and will watch over him always for me, whether I am there or not.

Honestly i am not a true christian. Logic proves most of everything in the Bible wrong. So i don’t get it. But i agree 100% with you.

Strictly speaking, theists, be they Christians, Bhuddists, Jewish, Pagan, followers of the Aesir, Islamics have a preference for emotional comfort over rational order.

Non theists are those who find logic a more fruitful row to seed.

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