Do you think the state should remove children from homes if parents name them Adolf Hitler or Aryan Nation?

Should the state have a list of names that parents are not allowed to name their children?
If so, should Muhammad and Jesus be on that list?…

They shouldn’t be punished, taken away or anything.

But those parents are douche bags, because their kids will have hell growing up.

No, although I think it shows bad taste and judgement and makes me wonder at the mentality of the parents. I don’t think there are laws against naming your child after unpopular and even disgusting figures like Hitler, nor do I think there should be. I would also defend the parents’ rights to hold unpopular beliefs that I don’t personally agree with such as racism but so long as its limited to their own belief and not something they can inflict on other such as denying qualified people of other races opportunities. I don’t think you can legislate beliefs only discuss them rationally that hopefully most people will understand.

This said the situation here is unclear. The State organization that removed the children has said there was a legitimate issue of neglect involved and we don’t know more details.

It is upsetting to me when idiotic morons bear children. It’s a burden on everyone. I don’t know anything about this case, but I am siding with the State on this one.

I think there should be a list, and a fair appeals process, in case of disagreements.

Mohammed and Jesus are too common to be on a list, but I do wonder why no one is named God.

Not really. That would be against the First Amendment. They may need to be checked closer. But sometimes children are given odd names, so there would not be others using it. IF the child is raised believing in God and obeying the Bible there should not be any concerns. When I was in school once I went unconscious and another girl’s parents and doctor were called and I too their hospital… Our middle name were different…

While I agree with Donna that the parents may not realize the long term effects these names will have on their kids, I also agree with Planner that parents have the right to name their kids anything they wish.

Irrelevant. People name their kids after celebrities and cities too. Giving kids silly names impacts on their life and career prospects

To some people Adolf was a hero but it reflects badly on the parent in custody wars which is what the article you have is saying.

Naming kids after prophets is not a bad thing at all and you’d be an idiot to suggest it.

O_O Who would name their child Aryan Nation?

“Come Aryan Nation, it’s dinner time!”

Sometimes people are too stupid to raise children. Who, in their right mind, names their children after a psychopath and his vision?

Edit – I recall, when this happened, that there were other reasons cited as well.

I don’t think they realize the long term affect it has on a child.

I’m not sure how I feel, I think naming your kid Adolph Hitler is stupid, making it illegal, yeah I think it should be.

no. parents should be allowed to name their children anything they wish.

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