Does straightening your hair make it lighter? 10 points!?

I have dark brown hair (not died, natural) and I like the color. I looked this up and many people said yes, and many people said no too… so does it make your hair lighter? I really don’t want my hair lighter, please include as much info as possible 🙂 ten points b/a!

I am pretty sure it doesn’t make it lighter.. I mean it’s just adding heat to your hair, not colour. But maybe it’s because it thins your hair out making it straight, separating it more, maybe giving it a shine to help make it lighter? Yeah… I don’t know lol.

I honestly don’t think that heat will make hair color lighter. If it did than my sisters hair would be blonde because she straightens her hair every day! lol but straightening your hair All the time will make your hair burnt not lighter. I think that you could straighten your hair once and then but not all the time. i’m sure you’ll be fine.
your welcome!!^.^

It will on certain types and colors of hair. Yours might go a little lighter, but when you shower, it should go back 🙂

It burns it. And no it doesn’t change colour, if it did it would go darker because its burning your hair :).

Tip; don’t straighten your hair everyday becuase like I said it burns it and it can give you split ends and your hair can fall out a bit :).
Hope I helped. Xx

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