Does the LUNAR ECLIPSE tonight have any spiritual significance, falling on the Winter Solstice as it does?

Tonight, the shortest, and darkest, day of the year, is the WINTER SOLSTICE if you are north of the Equator, and there is also a full LUNAR ECLIPSE tonight. I was just wondering if any of you new age weirdos, or old skool pagans, attach any significance to the two events occurring on the same day.

Yes…it means I will be ESPECIALLY fertile

Lunar eclipses have created fear through the ages. Some ancients thought a lunar eclipse was a literal bite being taken out of the moon and that the red really was blood. During the 5th century B.C., a lunar eclipse was seen as a bad omen by the Athenians, and they delayed a planned departure of their siege of Syracuse. The result led to the Syracusans changing the course of the war. Christopher Columbus, knowing an eclipse would occur in 1504, predicted it and thereby used it to frighten natives on Jamaica into feeding his crew. WE HAVE COME A LONG WAY SINCE THEN. NOW IT IS SOMTHING TO LOOK FOR, AND OBSERVE WITHOUT THOSE LONG AGO FEARS Although there are still old superstitions at work and will tell you not to do this or to do that out of fear, still majority of the people have come out of the dark ages to enjoy such fantastic phenomena. The last one with Solstice occurred in 1638.

There is no significance. It’s just a convergance of two well documented and predictable events. Sadly here in the UK we won’t get a great view of the eclipse the moon will be very close to the horizon at the time of the eclipse, but for those who will get a good view a lunar eclipse is pretty spectacular and well worth a look.

Incidentally the eclipse will be at 08:17 UT and the solstace is officially at 23:39 UT 21st December 2010.

Well thank goodness I thought it was me that messed the dates up and I am very interested in seeing it I understand the last time this occurred on our side of the globe was 1703

I wondered if it did or could have any spiritual significance but when I briefly went looking all I found was myths from “official” sites that painted them in a primitive dumb people used to believe this crap manner Maybe I should have tried harder

I came to the conclusion I would just watch it first reseacch it second and see how it impacts me and or anyone else if at all

The 2012 WS falls on the 21st December, the same date which the MLCC apparently ends.

11:12 am, UT

Significant? Nope, but its also a Friday, which also adds to the occasion, should be some decent parties celebrating the world not ending.…

Isn’t it tomorrow night, Monday? We’re having quite a storm in southern California…I don’t think the sky will be clear. Too bad, I’d like to see it.

No significance outside of the fact that the planets are merely where they are in the sky…that’s what causes it.

Some people somewhere in the world would sacrifice animals to the deity on such occasion.

You’re off by a day, muchacho.…

Why of course it means the end is nigh

Just one rock blocking another.

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