DS: Have you ever mistakenly bought a BYBer Dog/Pup?

No right or wrong answer here. Just curious.

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I’ve never bought a BYBer dog. I have rescued a dog off the streets and assumed he was from an irresponsible breeder as well as an irresponsible owner. This is him when I found him: http://farm1.static.flickr.com/55/126504601_61776fd826.jpg…

My first purebred dog was bought from someone that many here would call a BYB. Although she was a small springer, she was within the standard. She lived a healthy life, dying when she was nearly 16. She had no health issues (not even ear problems), was sound and stayed very healthy throughout her life. She had a wonderful temperament. In fact, she was one of the first registered therapy dogs in the state. She also had her CDX and was a search and rescue dog. This little dog got me involved in dog sports back in 1984. We went places and did things that we never did before. She was a great little dog and I miss her still. I’ve bought dogs from show breeders that had many more health problems including ear, skin, hypothyroidism, epilepsy, and aggression.

My current dogs came from the shelter. They did come with baggage. In one dog, I’m still dealing with her baggage and she just turned 9 years old. I bought her when she was around 9 months old. She was spooky, flighty and had some fear aggression issues. She also kills cats. This dog has made me a better trainer as she is a pain to train as she is stubborn and sulky. She does have her RN and CD titles but I really had to work for them. I’m not moving forward with her as she is just a pain to work. The other two just had some of the common pound do issues due to lack of training. Both have rally titles. The older one has her CDX and is working on utility. She also has NA title in agility. The young one is just getting strted.

We have 2 BYBred dogs.
Millie is a mix that we re-homed last year from a couple who could no longer care for her. Luckily, she has a fantastic temperament and no health issues at the moment. So we rescued her.

We wanted a Border Collie that came from working parents, so the first place that we went to was a farm. Both Tess’ parents work so it was exactly what we were looking for, however, the farmer did no relevant health tests and just simply was a BYB.
However, if we knew more about BYBreeders before we got Tess i doubt we would have bought from there. We didn’t really know who and what BYBs were at the time. Tess’ temperament is poor however with training we have been able to control any flaws in the temperament she has. She also has a skin condition, nothing serious she just needs to be bathed every few months or so because her skin gets too dry.
At the time we didn’t know she was a BYB, until we were educated further on the different types of breeders we didn’t know. The only upside to this BYB is that she produced puppies (well i’d guess most of them) with great herding drive/instinct.

Legit: We don’t compete but we do do a little agility as a fun hobby. We don’t do much as we don’t have many obstacles but we jump, weave and go through the tunnel everyday until we get new things.
I’m also looking into getting a gun dog dummy for Millie. She has an amazing drive to do it and so i think she could benefit from it greatly!

Nope, I have never bought a dog from a BYB.

I did have a rescue dog. I got her as a 12 week old puppy, so I was able to pretty much work with her from scratch. No severe behavioral issues or phobias to break. Behaviorally & temperament wise she was a fantastic dog. Health wise? Not so awesome in a few areas. I’d rather not get into that discussion because I still find it upsetting. She passed away about a year ago at the age of 14. Wonderful dog.

Legit: Not as of yet. I’m hoping to find a good schutzhund club in my area but nothing is for certain. I think she would do well at it but I’d rather she be accessed by someone with more of a trained eye before making the choice.
I’ve also thought about trying agility with her. I do have to do jump courses at home. Nothing special. I just set up different level jumps to have her go through, for fun only right now. Nothing organized.

Yes. My Lab is from a byber. At the time, I didn’t know the difference. I thought I had done my research. Apparently no one around here knows what responsible breeding is. There was nothing to “deal” with once I learned the difference, I had him, there was no going back. Although he is an awesome dog, the best “mistake” I ever made, I will not go to a byber again.
So far there has been no issues with him, but keeping my fingers crossed for the future. In a breed where hip displaysia is so prevelent, I worry.
I found out by joining a Lab forum for some support with raising a puppy. I started learning about responsible breeding.

Legit – I have started agility training with my Lab. It is hard simply for the fact that we are both learning and it is so much to learn. Most of the mistakes are due to me (late signals, confusing signals, etc) than it is training the dog.

Honestly I think almost everyone has had a dog from a BYBer in their lifetime.

We had two dogs growing up: Pepsi- Red Heeler x Kelpie who was $40 from a market… She lived a healthy life until she died at 9 years old from a snake bite. Whisky- BC x Kelpie (I think..) She lived until she was almost 19 years old. These were the two best dogs I’ve ever had.

My current dog, well you could say she was from a BYBer.. A friend of my brother’s girlfriend. It wasn’t my idea to buy her, but honestly I would never ever give her back. That goes for our 7 y.o Jack Russell too.

You know, I don’t even think 3/4 of the people out there even KNOW what a BYB is. They just think you buy a puppy from someone that it is from a breeder. This is just in my experience though…

I don’t support them at all. In fact my “first” dog is going to be from a reputable breeder. I already have done tonnes of research and have a great breeder in mind.

I honestly did not know about them until a few years ago, which is when I really started learning about dogs. I actually found out about from from here in the DS.

Legit: No they don’t. Occasionally we do some jumps in the backyard. My dogs are well-trained though and yes, completely healthy. 🙂

I personally never got a dog from a BYB either. However, my ex did. I was with him when he did so, around two years ago, when he got his Britanny, Khayos. We did this because we didn’t knew any better. None of us had ever really bought a dog on our childhood – his Mom was allergic, I had an old mutt we rescued from the shelter.

We were dumb and we payed for it. We got the dog from this breeder who didn’t know sh*t about showing or conformation. Her dogs were just her two pets bred together and now she was throwing the pups out. They could have aggression issues or hidden diseases. We didn’t even know about health testing, neither did she. Her dogs were also from BYB’s and so on… We were stuck on a spider’s web. Beyond us were dogs that carried invisible genetic diseases from year to year.

She was obviously pleased with the breeding, though she claimed it would be her last litter. Her b*tch was old, around 9-10. It was a risky birth that obviously had showed her the side of breeding nobody wanted to see. One of the puppies had died. She didn’t call them puppies, she called them baby, and she held them like they were her sons. She obviously had no idea what she was doing.

She cared about her dogs and she was already planning to spay her b*tch, but she was obviously consumed by the usual BYB greed – she confessed she still wanted to breed the male, who was around 4 years old, for a few years, to another Britanny she was getting from a friend. We were naive ’till the point of hearing this narration and still buying one of her pups.

So now Khayos just completed 2 years old. I don’t see him for a while, it wasn’t a very happy break-up. However, I had enough time with him to discover that he doesn’t follow the standard too well. He looks more like a Cocker Spaniel. He’s too short, not that leggy. He has epilepsy, which is a common problem on the breed. Every attack brings us back to the time we could stop and turn around. But now he’s his pet. He loves him dispite all his deffects. However, I seriously hope that he, like me, will think better before getting a dog in the future.

Yep. I am guilty simply because at the time I was: ONE: Not thinking straight and TWO did not know about BYBs.

I have had very little problems with my back yard bred dogs. But, I can see potential problems in the future having to do with mobility.

I have many rescued dogs. One is fearful and weak nerved. She is doing 100% better than 3 months ago but her ‘fear’ will never go completely away simply because she was born with this genetic fault.

Another one has a rare kidney disease. She is on a very expensive food, just turned 1 year, was recently spayed. My vet did not think she would live past 6 months and if she did would not be able to spay her because of her kidneys. She is doing fine but I don’t see her living a full life.

And I have 2 others I rescued with temperment issues that I can ‘control’ but will never be able to ‘fix’.
You cannot ‘fix’ an unsound dog.

No, the only dog I have ever had is from a shelter. Although I am positive whoever bred him originally was not reputable. He doesn’t meet the standard of ANY breed so I have to conclude he is just a bully breed mix. He definitely has a lot of SBT in him. He is very fearful which I put down to a genetic fault but we are dealing with that as well as we can. He has no major physical health problems – as of yet anyway.

Had I bought from a breeder a couple of years ago, I may well have gone to a BYB but only because I didn’t know otherwise. Now? No way. I know what to look for and would never make that mistake.

No I never did. In my life I only had two dogs. One came from a shelter. This one came from the streets as a stray with no place to go or hide.

I know, however, who did. My American Aunt who lives in LA now… She is one of the most knowledgable people I ever met in terms of dogs. If it helps, she’s a retired vet tech. She has given me some of the best advice I ever heard.

When she got her dog, she KNEW she was getting from a BYB. As soon as she pulled in the car she saw it. The woman owned five Golden Retrievers and had no idea what the hell she was doing with the puppies in her arms. She didn’t know sh*t about owning dogs, now imagine her training and showing her dogs. My Aunt had fell in love… She couldn’t take it back now. She picked her dog and she just went off after paying. Her dog is now ten years old. A very nice dog but clearly badly bred, has a few hip complications and doesn’t follow the standard (very low hind legs, shorter fur, etc.). He’s a sweet dog though.

What is “LG”? :o) aha anyways, no… Not yet!

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