Eww sweaty hands?

My hands get really sweaty when I write or when I make them into fists but I’m not nervous or anything. When I hold hands with a guy I’m always scared he’s gonna be like eww your hands are sweaty. Is there a way to fix that? Do guys care if your hands are sweaty anyways?

not eww…i have super sweaty hands and if peole happen to say something about it its okay.i grown out of that stage i used to cry about it,and im an artist so u can imagin how hard it is to draw sometimes..my hands are sweaty now lol if i think about it it happens.my feet too i hate wearing heels cuz my feet slip and slide,but my boyfriends have all loved my sweaty hot hands lol sounds silly but true.good luck,try antipersprant on ur hands:)

Don’t worry about it. If a guy really liked you, he wouldn’t judge you by your hands. A lot of people go through this, so don’t worry, you’re not the only one. =-D For all you know, the guy could have the same problem. If you want tips, maybe go into the bathroom and wash your hands before you hold hands with him. If he asks, tell him during that point of day you always wash your hands.. etc etc. Put soap on them just to make it seem very obvious. =-D Hope it helped!

Oh man, I’m with you on this problem. I have the same exact problem. The thing i found to do is put lotion on your hands right before you hold hands, that way if they are sweaty he won’t realize cause he will think it’s the lotion!

I would be a little reluctant to hold hands with a girl with sweaty hands. Try using lotion on your hands before you go to school or you go out. Hope I helped

Don’t think about your hands getting sweaty; every time I think about it, they get sweaty, but when I don’t pay attention to it and the fact that hands can get sweaty doesn’t even cross my mind, they never are sweaty. Psychological bit of a twist there.

My hands get sweaty when I’m writting too, I don’t think it is that unusual. Most guys I know wouldn’t care if your hands are sweaty, but if you dont want to take the chance just wipe them off on ur pants when he isn’t looking, or pretend ur phone is on vibrate, and wipe them off in your pockets.

The hands do sweat like the body when put under heavy loads of work.

I have the same exact problem! Wash your hands frequently. I have also heard that there are Botox shots that prevent excess sweating.
Good luck!

i thought i had sweaty hands
but my boyfriend dosnt think so
sometimes my hands are sooooo sweaty that it really bugs me
other times my hands are frozen.
lotion dosnt really help when my hands are sweaty, it just makes it worst.

stuff paper towels or toilet paper in ur pokets then if they are sweaty put and wipe it of or wash it then put lotion on then let it dry that to but my favorite thing is the poket thing its easy and manegable but its just horrmoens sometimes too

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