Ferrari vs Lamborghini: Which is better?

Which of the two Italian Exotic Sports car brands do you like more overall?

Lamborghini’s are better in my opinion, why do you think lamborghini was made, because the owner of a ferrari tractor got tired of waiting outside the factory and decided he could make a better product than ferrari, that’s why we have these two exotic sports companies.

these 2 have been rivals for decades, the difference between them is that Ferrari was found as a racing car and even today is one of the top F1 racing teams, Lamborghini was found as a company for tractors, one day Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the company, purchased a Ferrari, he believed he could produce a better sports car, then in early 1960s Lamborghini started making sports cars, with the purpose to be direct competitors to Ferrari

I believe both brand have their ups and downs. Ferrari should be performing better because of their racing engineering, but last time I checked, the Lamborghini Aventador performed better on track than any Ferrari, its a close call

and you know what they say; “Lamborghini is the bad boy among sports cars”
and really its design is more aggressive and rough, while the Ferrari is more crafty and finesse

I would personally take Lamborghini

@John Costello, your answer does nothing to actually answer the question. Lamborghini started as a tractor company, and Ferrari SpA never manufactured tractors. Lamborghini began production because he had no desire to make racing cars, while that was the primary purpose of Ferrari. The road cars were simply to finance Enzo Ferrari’s racing ambitions.

Personally, I prefer Ferrari. It’s much classier than Lamborghini. Lamborghini is the brand to buy if you’re young and want to make a statement. Ferrari is the way to go if you want sophistication. I like both brands, and they both make fantastic products. They’re both just as finicky, though.

It really depends on what impression you’re trying to give off. Both of them scream “LOOK AT ME I’M RICH”, but Ferraris are more of a “I live in a penthouse by the lake” whereas Lambos are like “I’m a rapper, or Batman.”

Personally, I prefer Porsche to both of them.

Ferrari: very elegant, classy and sophisticated.

Lamborghini: too much…rap style.

Those who buy either do so out of sheer prejudice.
If they wanted a great car they would buy a Maclearn!

Neither All About that KIA

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