Hank Williams Sr. or Johnny Cash?

I say Hank Williams. He wrote several great songs and died early, imagine all he could of done if he didn’t use drugs.

Hank Williams. I cannot begin to imagine where Country Music would be today, had he lived a few years longer.

Johnny Cash , Hank Williams was the big daddy of them all

I’m a Great Johnny Cash Fan

Johnny Cash

Not 2 say I dont like Johnny Cash but but Hank was Hank!..Thats all I have 2 say.

Johnny Cash

….Have to be Hank Williams. If he had not taken the chances he took todays country music would not be as popular as it is.He opened the doors for the Johnny Cash’s and George Jones and others.
Hank all the way.


Though both were giants and I love the music of both, I agree with you. The man was not only an awesome singer but a musical genius at writing masterful songs! RIP Hank and John!

Hank. Johnny wouldn’t have happened without Hank.

Is your question, “who’s better”…or more influencial, or sold more…ect. ?
As one can easily see in “todays’ music”, it is “Marketing”….and to
“Who”… Ya can sell “millions today”, with “Little Talent or Voice”…..
Today, people are “Accepting” of the “lower bar” that music has been
set at…. so… Hank Senior was one of the 3 “best songwriters” who
ever lived, and his secret was the “Simplicity” in how he said WHAT he
wanted to say, in a song…. He “recently” was awarded a “Nobel Prize”
for his Literature….in songs!!! (Posthumously) and Well Deserved….
Johnny Cash was very influencial, in the particular period that he
came along….a time of “social un-rest”…ect. He was representative
of the “Down-trodden” ( for the sake of a better word). A “new kind of
Different”….and that “representative quality” made him extremely
popular…. Cash had “more exposure” to the Masses….(Technology).
Speaking of “Technology”…it is keeping 70% of singers in
employment today….FEW have “Vocal Ability” or a “Style of Delivery”
when they sing. For Example, Marty Robbins had Vocal ability AND
a “Style of Delivery”….and KNEW HOW to apply both, in any
particular song he say. ( A voice and delivery…to FIT ANY SONG).

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