HELPPP: DOG PROBLEM!!! how to train your dog…….!?

We have a approx. 8 months old puppy. she is a crossbreed and i think there is some jack russell in her… she is energetic and a friendly dog.. she is 42 centimetres high (top to toe) … but there is one small (or rather two) problems: we live in a condo and the owner only allowed us a dog if it absolutely…

Its a little unreasonable to expect a dog to not bark. Having said that if you absolutely must get rid of barking try a bark collar

Squirt gun filled with water, squirted in the face for bad barkers, you might try a clicker, then reward when she stops, use the command quiet. Simple words, no ranting as she could see this as you barking along. I would check with vet about the urination. I had a Female dog that when we went anywhere unfamilar would hold her urine untill we got home, up to 4 days. Was you previous dog a male, or a larger more confident female, they seem to mark territory more thus all the urination. Go to same spot to give her more confidance, make it her spot. Use a long lead, call her name once and gently pull her toward you give her a treat as a reward. If she is part Russell be prepared for feined deafness when it suits, as this seems to be a breed trait. But if you spend 15 minutes a day training within a few weeks you should notice improvement. Hint train 1 thing at a time, untill dog has it down pat, then add next thing, giving reviews at the end of each session. Make it fun stay upbeat, never train when you are angry, and remember they want to please you. Good Luck

First, if she barks do NOT yell at her. She’ll probably think you are barking too. In a low voice tell her No. Then say “quiet”. When she is quiet giver her praise. If she is barking at something, and won’t stop, move her to a room where she can’t see it. Give her a few minutes and then bring her back out. She’ll get the idea.
About the potty training, she is probably just getting used to the environment. Make sure she is drinking water more than once a day, if not you should ask the vet.
To teach her name, wait till she isn’t looking at you or paying any attention to you. Then say her name (slowly enunciating the syllables and in a high pitched tone) over and over till she looks at you, then give her a treat for looking. Do that about five times a day, and she’ll understand in no time. It took my dog less than a week to learn his new name (he was from a shelter and we didn’t know is old name).

I have a barking dog problem at my house, and before other people jump on me. It’s not because of lack of attention, or anything of the sort. I am home with my dogs 24/7, and they have always been noisy. I have verbal dogs, that like to “talk”, which I don’t mind, it’s the barking that irritates me. I was worried because of neighbours, I didn’t want complaints, so this is what I did.

What I have done, is taken a barking collar, and left it on, but off the dog in the middle of the house. If the dog barks persistantly, the high pitched whistle stops the barking.

I have done it this way because I do not want my dogs thinking that I am chastising them all the time, I don’t want them to associate the barking collar with their own collar.

As for names. . .repeat the dogs name and treat the dog immediately. Do it constantly and the dog will recognize it’s name.

You got a dog and expect it to NEVER bark? Dogs bark – it’s part of their dogginess. So, good luck with that. Shouting at a dog for barking signals to the dog that there really is something to bark about. You can train a quiet command, but you are far from that. You need to enroll in a basic obedience class and learn some basics about normal dog behavior and how to train proactively rather than reactively. Invest in some dog training books as well. Jean Donaldson’s book The Culture Clash does an excellent job of explaining dog training from the dog’s perspective.

Firstly there is no point shouting at her. You are giving the attention she requires.She will do it even more.

Jack russells are yappy dogs and do bark alot. trust me the devils next door to me are non stop.
Those dog collars that stop barking are cruel, the high pitch sound causes pain to the dogs ears.

Ignore the barking and praise her when she stops with play or a treat. Id she is living out side she will bark for company constantly so it is better to keep her indoors

Your pupster only ‘goes’ once per day? Young dogs are known to eat and then urinate within seconds! Though 8 months is not like 2 months old…

Here is my suggestion. You might give her to the Frasier dude that was on TV. Or his Pop, actually. His JR was brought up to know his manners and was sooo smart! And he realllllly didn’t like Frasier all that much.

Or better yet? Get your JR a nice couch, a diamond studded matching set of feeding and water bowls that you set on a nicely turned out low slung antique table. Feed her only steak and lobster. Call her ‘Milady’ at all times. Or ‘Your Highness.’ That is your choice.

Let Milady pick out her times to do her bidness. Do NOT watch her grunting out a Royal Loaf, either. Her Majesty would be offended!

Practice bowing or curtseying before you start doing all of this, just to know that you are doing all of this correctly.

On the other hand (of which I have two, imagine that!), yelling at Her Royal Doggedness will only give Her Ladyship a ‘persecution complex.’ Really! Some dogs are better at staying quiet, and smaller dogs are more prone to be very vocal. Even Her Loveliness, the Queen, May She Live Forever, even.

Though I am certain that Her Royal Yelping and Barking and Growling is pure music to everyones ears, mind you.

You may well want to send her to a trainer. Be careful, though and make sure that the trainer is of the utmost quality. You wouldn’t want her to be in a class with the lower class of doghood. And do make this attendance at the Royal School of Dogged Mannerisms seem as if it is truly the school offered to all Royalty, and that She must attend the school, because all of the former Royal Doggies of Destiny had to attend during their early years, also.

And could you please tell her that this American of low birth does feel honored to make such a suggestion and really doesn’t want his head to roll for making such a suggestion, because he is at Her mercy.

God Save the Dog!

As you may have guessed—I really do like dogs. Especially Her Majesty, the Queen of the Dooged British Empire, Bringer of Peace, and a Really Snappy Dresser in Her Royal Collar and Such Like…She is The Queen of the Royalty of Doggy Goodness, in my mind!

And I almost forgot this most important piece of information. I do believe that having outfits trimmed in ermine fur and bejeweled doggy shoes must be available for the Royal Going Outside for Relieving Herself, maybe in the Royal Copse of Trees known as Dumpingwood.

Also let Her Royal Highness know, if you would, that if She were to ever visit the USA, I am most humbly obliged to offer Her Ladyship my poor house to stay at and to rule over, during Her travels abroad.

If such is chosen, I shall guard Her Loveliness with my life.

And I do have some water, fit for a Queen, if Her Doggy Greatness is ever to visit Her humble servant. Not to mention some mighty fine vittles!

The Queens Subject, May She Rule Forever, in the Empire in Which the Sun Never Sets Upon,


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