Hi im 17 yrs old and i dont have a good height and weight problem.plz help me!!!!?

Hi im 17 yrs old and im not very tall im jst 5’2 and people make make fun of me .they call me drawf …i really feel very pinched .plz tell me something which can help me in increasing my height atleast 2 -3 inches…n also need help regarding abdominel fat ,thighs and hips and arms.plz help me .plz plz!!!!!

run and work out. thats how you can work out the fat issue. become great at a sport or something. however the height thing idk wat you can do. unless you want to wear stilts for a while. u might not have hit a growth spurt yet. you dont stop growing till like 20 or something. thats all there is man.

I’m sorry that people are giving you a hard time, people are mean. I has a similar problem, when I was in 5th grade I was the tallest person in the school, even the teachers, so I got my unfair share of being made fun of. Most of the time people are mean to cover up their own problems. I’m sure that they have their own issues they’re trying to draw attention away from. Saying ‘just ignore it’ doesn’t always help and can lead to problems later on. Don’t ignore it, just try to avoid those people if you can, if you can’t because its at school or something, you might want to ask if you can change your classes around some to avoid the times you see them. Most school administrators are aware of these problems and understand they can be sued for mental anguish if they don’t stop it. You might want to find some good ‘buz words’ that would get the schools attention like, ‘mental anguish’, ‘bullies’, ‘this could effect me for a long time’, ‘scared for life’, ‘are you going to pay for my psychiatrist for the rest of my life because you allowed this to happen?’. That kinda thing will make eyes get really wide.

I’m not suggesting starting trouble. If you can avoid them great. If you let someone who can control it and they let it continue, sue their butts off.

More power to you!

I don think u r 2 short, first thing u need 2 do is look around your self some people r much shorter than u & more happier than u r …………

ok fine if still u r not satisfied go for high heels & long suit with churidaar also high waist line will make u look slimmer n taller, shirt length must be 4 inc down to the knee
another option high waist line tunic with leggings or trouser 2 which u r more comfortable will help u out .

wish u a gud luck . t c

As far as getting taller? Well, they say it helps if you don’t slouch. Slouching confines your body to growth. If your overweight, it may be a bit of a challenge. It’s a little tiring at first, so try sitting up when you remember.

This depends on how supportive your parents are, but Colon Cleansing is great for everyone. It takes toxins out of your body while losing a few pounds. People claim that there stomachs become abit flatter. I don’t mean the pills either, go to a doctor and check if he may recommend it for you.
As far as style, avoid thick horizontal striped wear.

May be this is generation problem, but u can definitely increse ur height & weight by using a Protien Powder & Daily tablets of Amway company which is really working in 2-3 months if u take it regularly.

if ur doing exercise live it.
hang uour body wholly with the help of your hands by using a rod hanging at a height 5.5 foot.
and wear some shoes having throne like sole so that u blood will be circulated properly and there is a chance of increase in ur height

I have a friend who took vitamin B1 B6 B12 tabs. I don’t know if it works but you should ask your doctor about it first. I think there are vitamins that are specifically intended to help children and teenagers increase their height.

As for your weight, try changing your diet and do lots of sit ups for your abs.

Well for a Guy you really don’t have a whole lot of options and as far as the ab area purchase yourself an exercise ball with 5lbs weights and do some ab-exercise and walk as well as cardio and you will be on your way with a huge boost of confidence. Good Luck!!!

well my bffff is 16 and 4’11 so its not so bad.
tell your dr and take growth hormone. it will make you grow as tall as your supposed to be but nothing more- sorry. also, for the toning part just eat right, and ecersise. also, check out this web site its great: http://exercise.about.com/od/abs/ss/abex…

Be more confident about yourself dear….dont let people judge you. You are a beautiful human being. Stick with people who love you just the way you are!!!!

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