How can you stop telemarketers from calling your house phone?

Some are machines calling some are real people some are just doing survey’s
and offering their products. my house does not have caller id so it is hard to just not answer them because u never know if your answering a friend or one of those annoying telemarketers. so please help if you know how to stop it or…

If you live in the US, you can add your number to the National Do Not Call Registry at Unfortunately, one of the best ways to screen out telemarketers is by using caller ID and by only answering the phone when you recognize the caller’s name. Most telemarketers use an autodialer – if they repeatedly dial a number and nobody ever answers, that number will eventually be deleted from their list because the system will assume that the number is no longer active. If you don’t want to get caller ID, then you can let all of your calls go to voicemail and screen them out that way.

Actually its best to always answer a telemarketer call, because if you don’t they will just keep trying. Registering for the “Do not Call” list should resolve your problem, you can do this through the FCC usually, or contact your phone company and see what they offer about that.

The ‘Do Not Call’ lists are a joke.!! I get just as many, and I have been on the list for 2 years plus….They just spoof their number, or call private….

Urgh. They call ALL the time at my home. You can actually tell the person if they’re real that you would not like to purchase their product. Thats all I can tell you. Sorry!

Canadian national do not call list:

if you’re american Im sure theres something similar.

You can block them.

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