How come atheists and non believers get offended when people speak of God or Jesus if they don’t believe?

If you don’t believe in God or Jesus, why do you get so mad when you see someone else does? Do we intimidate you?


Whats up, good i see where ur coming from and that is a valid factor…I dont suppose in some thing and im an atheist..And for me i let others feel what they need and most effective get pissed off if their push their beliefs on me..[[[for example one of my best friends would always ask me to hand out on a sunday and go to the mall or something..I would agree and she would say her mom could drive us home…Well on the way theyd be like “ohh i just forgot something at the church it will just take a minute” OR when we were reading a book in class it talked about abortion and a girl began tlaking about how it was killing the baby and a sin etc]]….Which acquired quite stressful..I would particularly care less what others feel so long as it doesnt have an impact on me…But i feel that atheists are a ways less prone to be judgemental over others and push beliefs on people…Just my opion..But just right question. Xxdollhousegirl ps. Thats a quite legitimate point…But “sure some Christians say you’re going to go to hell. However given that you dont feel you shouldnt get offended anyway”…However how would they consider if i used to be constanting happening in regards to the logical aspect of religion..That it is unnecessary and so forth…Despite the fact that they suppose and nothing would trade that it is quite ruse and annoying

Athiests do not rally to their own knowledge they depend on and beileve in tangible real and concrete evidence that is not only seen in a book, but by what has been experimented on.

Athiests only get offended when Christians or people from other religions try to push their religion down their throats. That is the only time they will be offended. I know I dont get offended if my christian friends talk about their religion just for talking about it, they know when to talk about it and how to talk about as also on what they talk about when discussing around me. I have no problem with it. Just don’t tell me what to believe and we will be fine. I do not fear you. What I do… are spiders.

I personally don’t get offended. I get on well with just about everyone, religious (including Christians) or not.

I put forward my views on religious beliefs and I read those of others. I know that those with deeply held religious beliefs aren’t going to change, and it isn’t my intention to get them to change. However, it does show that there are other views.

I sometimes explain how I came from being a devout Catholic to realising that faith was based upon nothing but itself, that science explained nature satisfactorily without needing supernatural beings, and that religious beliefs were no different to those of ancient beliefs in gods and goddesses.

I try to answer based on my knowledge of scripture, theology, mythology and religion. And I sometimes try to trace religious beliefs, and Bible stories, back to the earlier myths from which they derive.

I think I do so in a neutral manner most of the time, although I might express an opinion concerning actions of a few religious people or organisations that adversely affect freedom of choice and civil and human rights, such as the infamous Proposition 8 in California.

I wonder if your assertion is based on scripture such as “He that is not with me is against me” (Matthew 12:30 and Luke 11:23). That seems to teach believers that those who don’t believe as they do are not neutral but enemies. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Why do you get so mad when an atheist or someone of another religion speaks against God or Jesus or says that they don’t believe. Do they intimidate you? Not accussing you of anything, just saying, there’s two sides to the coin.

@ Sarah, that’d have to be one seriously messed in the head fundamentalist. That’s messed up.

Erm, well, I don’t if they are just talking about their faith in conversation. I just feel embarrassed for them. We don’t get a lot of religious people in England and its all a bit uncomfortable when someone announces they believe in anything supernatural for which there is no evidence. People tend to change the subject cos they feel awkward. I get angry when people start saying that because they believe in a god, society should be a certain way because I care about human rights.

Am I intimidated by Christians? Yes, somewhat. Not all Christians obviously but Christians are the only people who ever emailed me threatening to kill or rape me – 4 times this has happened and always from this site. I state that I am atheist and I ask challenging questions but I am never rude or insulting – indredulous – yes, exasperated at times and occasionally parodic but never nasty so its a bit of a shock to get an email which says ‘I hope you burn in hell you ******* *****, just spread your legs like you do for everyone and I’ll stick a hot poker up your nasty **** right now so you’ll know what it feels like.’

Edit – Yes, I keep reminding myself that the majority of Christians would utterly condemn that kind of abuse but I do get a horrible heart sink when I see I have a message. Only one person has ever said he knew where I lived and was gonna ‘kick your ***’ but he also claimed he knew me to actually be an American man so was not scared for myself tho did worry he’d actually beaten up some poor American bloke whom he thought was me. 🙁

I don’t unless they are pressuring me to play along and/or vilifying or ostracizing those that don’t. I find such beliefs far out and weird but I know the world is full of people who believe lots of different things and it doesn’t necessarily bother me unless they are negatively impacting the world or my life.

Biiig difference between being offended and recognising that you’re crossing a line. When you start talking about your beliefs like they are what everone should believe, or when you start trying to push your beliefs in law or education, then non-believers are going to start calling you out.

You aren’t intimidating anyone, honey.

We don’t, unless you’re trying to push that belief on us, because then you’re just being rude. I will not, however, sit around and watch someone brainwash another without also telling that other the other side of the story (and then the fundie gets upset).

Not in the least I find god believers to be exceedingly boring both as individuals and as a group. Their maniacal obsession with death and afterlife to the expense of all else, defies reason. That a person should start sprouting their god stuff at me, implies that I am also gullible easily led and incapable of critical thought so if you persist then I will be angered. The indoctrination of little children by the tried, tested and refined, use of fear of pain and death, playing on loyalty and compassion with, the baby Jesus loves you and cries when you sin. This is unpardonable in a sophisticated society, if your stuff is so good then why do this ? Why not wait till the children are properly sentient. THe answer of course is that the church leaders know if they cant damage the brain with this rubbish, before it is capable of reasoned observation then they never will.

It offends me that Christians think people deserve to be tortured for thought-crimes. It’s vile and dehumanizing.

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