How come used dodge cars are dirt cheap???

Its driven based on what people want to pay for them. People worship Honda’s and Toyota’s and think that they are the most reliable vehicle out there when they really are not. They still break down and you pay dearly for the parts and repairs on those foreign jobs. Personally I don’t care what the resale value of a car is. I drive my American cars into the ground, most with over 200K miles and no major problems. If I sell it and make a little cash that’s a bonus. I don’t feel like paying extra for a Japanese car based on its perception of being superior. When in fact its going to rust out like a Toyota or Honda.

The old Dodge and Plymouth muscle cars are some of the most valuable muscle cars ever made and have a very high demand.The modern Chrysler cars are hurt by many different factors.The cost of fuel has hurt sales for trucks and suvs by all companies and to make resale value worse car companies keep coming up with insentives to sell them which really kills their resale value.The same can be applied to most new cars and used cars.Chrysler vehicles as a whole really aren’t that bad but they could be better safety is one area that Chrysler really needs to improve on.Dealer service is another so many times I have seen Chrysler dealer techs screw up repairs and that and the poor resale value is why I quit buying Chrysler products for a while.Hopefully the new owners crack the whip on some of the dealers and either get them to fly straight or kick out of the Chrysler selling business.

You are incorrect if you think 1960s-70s Dodge cars are dirt cheap. Try looking at some Chargers or Coronets from that era. YOU can`t afford one of those!

they don’t hold their value after 3-4 years,the bottom falls out of the value on them,there’s really no reason for it too,because most of the newer ones do hold up pretty well,but buying a new one right now isn’t a good idea ,because in 3-5 years you will loose a lot of money on it,the only way to get your moneys worth from those is to drive them,another thing that is making the value less is Chrysler division keeps selling out to different company’s,and that makes the stock in them unstable,so the cars aren’t worth as much right now,you can get some really good deals on them though,especially used ones over 3 years old,good luck .

if they don’t start to make cars with the class and beauty of the 1951 chrysler imperial, they will go out of business in 4-5 years.

they have gone bankrupt two times in the past.

purple – black autos are a soreness to maintain clean, ours constantly looks mucky even whilst it has only been wiped clean. could by no potential purchase yet another black vehicle and our purple vehicle became into greater value-effective on insurance than the black vehicle is even nonetheless its a similar vehicle

Because they are expensive to fix and after it hits about 100,000 miles you might as well kiss it good bye. In others words, they pretty much are not worth the cost. Poor resale value as well!

I got hit by a dodge once. I found that to be kind of ironic.

they want to appeal to the customer, i got a used stratus and it still runs fine.

Because they have things that go wrong with them and need repaired more so than other makes.

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