How did West Virginia get ahead of Ohio State in the polls anyways?

Please explain to me how West Virginia ended up ahead of Ohio State in the current rankings anyways?
Because Ohio State lost later in the year? The team Ohio State lost to has ended the year ranked higher than the team W.V. lost to. Illinois is currently 15th, and South Florida is currently 21st. Ohio State…

Nice research my friend.

Why does one game last year (against florida) determine everything about the buckeyes? why do people keep bringing it up like it’s a current issue. maybe its because that is the ONLY thing that people can fault them for.

I’m wearing my Ohio State sweatshirt on, which means Mizzou will lose (Okla thanks) and we will get our shot. I have stood behind the BCS my whole life, but if mizzou loses and Ohio does not get in the game, I will come on here and rant once or twice.

Ohio lost the second to last game and then didnt exactly light the world on fire against Michigan. WV lost early on and since has been dominating people. In a head to head, I would bet my left pinky finger that WV would pound Ohio. The real question is whether the voters will be honest enough to have LSU, USC and Vtech leap Ohio in the final poll if each wins their conference championship game.(especially if they roll over their opponents) Georgia is playing better ball than Ohio was and Kansas though they lost against a really good Missouri team, should still be above Ohio- plus Kansas is actually fun to watch and based on your scenerio of Illinois being ranked higher than South Florida, Missouri is ranked #1 so Kansas should be higher than Ohio- using your rationale that is.

I am sure it is the later loss that put them ahead… not always right, but the way it happens with the human contingent.

I agree with the answerer that said Kansas should be ranked higher, but not above OSU, should be 4 right behind OSU…. and ahead of the 2 loss teams….

The SEC knock each other out because they have to play each other plain and simple….. The Big 10 has the same deal,, all those teams were you mentioned v OSU were undefeated or 1 loss before the OSU game…. so the SEC is no “stronger” than the Big 12 or the Big 10 this year.

ih- and LSU playin Sun Belt, WAC and Conference USA is any harder than 2 MAC and a top tier playoff Div1AA? and dont forget powder puffs Mississippi an Alabama.. get a life

lovinglife- yeah you’re right never mind the awesome performance vs Miami in ’02

What does last year have to do with anything?Are you kidding me?That team was leaps and bounds better this one and they just got destroyed in a debacle against florida.Even computers hate the state of ohio.Plus everyone knows people in Ohio are completely poor.So they can’t boost up the ticket sales of the national title game if they actually make it in the game. GO back to farming your corn.

I think the pollsters are punishing OSU for playing Youngstown St., Akron, and Kent State in the same season.

Seriously, OSU gets to play powder-puff teams like Minnesota and Northwestern already as part if their conference schedule – why play TWO MAC teams and a Division I-AA team, too?

That’s pure bush-league.

bc wv is a better team than ohio, hard to say but look at the games played, ohio doesnt deserve the top 25 they are there just bec they are one of 2 teams in big 10, media bias

WV lost to South Florida (high rank) and lost at South Florida.
Ohio lost to Illinois (no rank) and lost at home.

With all due respect to the Buckeyes, they choked and that is why they need help to get into the title game. They are lucky that they have a chance to get in at all.

I would like to know how either one of them got to the top 5. And don’t say by their record of 1 loss. Hawaii has no losses yet can’t climb up. Funny how a weak schedule can affect one team,, but not others,,,isn’t it.

Hahaha. Yesterday, when I was walking home and said goodbye to my old chemistry teacher, and then we walked not only in the same direction in school, but even to the station.

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