How does a ridiculously wrong answer get voted as the best answer to my yahoo question?

Recently I asked a question on yahoo and I received one answer. One incredibly wrong and ridiculous answer and yet now it is listed as the “Best Answer – Chosen by Voters”. Now this is darn funny, if you pay attention. I asked if there were any other manufacturers or brands of sheep skin type condoms…

Y! answers is not known for its reliability.

You only got one answer, you never clicked the “no best answer” button, so the answerer voted for him/herself and got awarded the points.

That’s it.

Don’t take any of this seriously, and please don’t use any answer given here as if it comes from somebody who knows what they’re saying.

The simplest answer is to delete the query earlier than four days have handed. After that you haven’t any manipulate instead of balloting for “no nice reply” which simplest counts as one vote. You are not able to publish a contravention for a fallacious reply, just a non reply. You can constantly upload a remark. ? ??l???q ?

Ok, sorry but you had time to delete the question before it went to voting to prevent that answer being chosen as best. Happens all the time when after 4 days and person asking does not delete or choose best answer.
From Yahoo help, If you don’t choose a Best Answer, put it to a vote, or take steps to extend the question, it automatically goes to a vote after 4 days.…

Because you were silly enough to let it go to the vote and not selecting one yourself.

You will remember that anyone can vote and in many cases they just don’t care who wins or not they will just get the point for the vote, and often a silly answer will amuse enough of the voters for that one to win.
In this case you have seen that first hand.

It is also my belief many of the voters will not have any idea what the correct answer is and just take a guess.

As they say, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Pick your own best answer and then this wont happen. After 4 days, the question is considered abandoned, and once the voters pick BA… Thats how it remains.
Yahoo said recently, there’s over a billion questions on here, and so bad best answer isnt going to matter.
There’s lots of them.

Your mistake for not deleting the question before it went to vote. One answer and users clicked it for the 1 point

That happened to me one time too, it’s ******* crazy

Because you’re lazy

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