How good does the iphone 4 work?

I’ve heard from some people it sucks ! But I’ve also heard its really awesome. How good does it work does it work fast ? And does the iphone 4 NOT the Iphone 4s just the iphone 4 does it have flash for the camera?

I have the iPhone 4 and I like it! I don’t have Internet but like any other phone, it’s the same speed for Internet. The only thing is the battery. I can’t stand it. Couple hours of use and I have to run to the charger. Look up the pros and cons of it online. Will help. (: hope I did!

I’ve owned an iPhone 4 & had no complaints in that time. Great camera (yes with flash), good battery life, great apps, updated OS, great build, etc.

It’s good if it’s the only thing in your budget, but I would suggest saving a little and buying an iPhone 5. Huge difference

4 is still a really good phone. Not the latest of course but heck alot still use 3GS today.

Try going to Verizon’s wireless site. User reviews are posted there.

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