If obama is really worried about jobs vs supporting his union thugs, why doesn’t he let Boeing open it’s plant?

In S.C.? That in itself would create thousands of jobs.

Ovomit is too indebted to his minority, illegal and union thug base.

The protests have not something to do with help for Obama. It such as you adult men are caught in a rut, if its not what you prefer to pay attention, it could be professional-Obama. recover from it. And new Boeing plant might reason different human beings to lose their jobs in Washington while they close their plant there. Boeing, ignoring the ruling opened the SC plant besides. Its not likely to make a distinction, different than that the desperate human beings there won’t have the skill to have a union, and could be paid much less. they’re consistent with South Carolina to be peons, close by born of direction.

Union workers built this country.

I want my bread and roses Go union

I didn’t realize it was Obama who blocked that move. (sarcasm)
Boeing broke the law. It should be more careful next time.

there is an ACTUAL LAW on the books that it appears BOENG DIRECTLY VIOLATED…

do you want him to ignore the law?

are you saying that Bush or Reagan would have ignored the law? I thought GOP presidents didn’t EVER ignore a law? lol

Obozo is only worried about HIS job.

We all know the answer to that little tidbit!

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