If the PM wants to “save Britain” maybe he should stop mass immigration?

Mass Immigration has done more damage to our society than the luftwaffe. The British people don’t like it, yet we are forced to put up with it, what the hell is up with that?

I agree.Mass immigration causes racism.The Conservative got power by promising to strictly control immigration[ They lied.]

Cameron is a liar, simple as! Under him even more migrants joined our crowded little island. Remember Thatcher in the 1979 election? The National Front had grown and had 303 parliamentary candidates lined up, Thatcher lied and said she ( the Tories ) “would stop the country being swamped by immigrants.” Another lie. She allowed in hundreds of thousands, now its millions.
The old NF were wrong on many things but today’s BNP has its finger on the pusle of the nation. Nick Griffin MEP has been under constant attack from the one worlders and New World Order types, yet hehas been proved time and again he has our interests at heart. The old-gang LibLabConsters don’t, vote BNP or even better, join today. www.bnp.org.uk

we are no longer amused what the hell is going to ensue, And extra envisioned whilst the video games initiate, and we will not do or say something against it, particularly they must comprehend the intense state of what’s happening,what’s so great approximately Britain those days, What can we do or say that does no longer annoy somebody ,they have made regulations that say we can merchandise for it particularly is against them,and the authority’s returned them up we will not win, I propose if i want a blackboard or something ,could you ask for a what,Gollies,Black pudding , I ask you, i ask your self what shite that they are going to come out with next on there hit record, As for illegals what happens whilst they do get caught,advised to checklist to Police station as quickly as a week and that they only mixture returned into the device,in basic terms to be misplaced and all the cost of apprehending all of them waisted what stable is that.

I agree, jobs are so difficult to come by now because there are just too many people after one position. A university degree is not what it used to be worth, graduates are signing on after getting in debt with actually bothering to go to Uni in the first place.

The extra people put a strain on the country’s resources- the hospitals, the schools, the welfare system and actually housing these people. Its ridiculous, why let extra people into the country when you cannot even look after the people that already live here?

No, you are wrong. It is this and previous governments who have failed to supply the infrastructure necessary in the form of housing, schools, jobs, and a health service, to cope with the increased immigration brought about by our international relationships.

Th real way to save Britain is to take it back from the clutches of the global capitalist bankers.

Before you blame the PM, blame the 13 years of Blair and Brown doing NOTHING about immigration, at least Cameron has accepted that it’s an issue and is trying to find a solution to a frankly horrendous situation.

The only thing Blair and Brown (labour in general) did was to try as best as possible to cook the books to provide ‘fake’ numbers.

Yeah. Most definitely & also SEND ALL THE EASTERN EUROPEANS BACK HOME as well. Give their jobs to BRITISH people & the money will stay in THIS COUNTRY instead of it all ending up leaving the country at the hands of them…

I think that we should become more like australia. You either have to have a job secured or close family living there to be able to emigrate

Don’t blame mass immigration, blame Blair and co

Because none of them have the balls to do anything about it.

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