Im 14, on my period, and passing HUGE blood clots HELP!?

Im 14 and i have had regular periods since i was 11 (3 years) and i just got my period a few days ago after missing 4 periods. i got my period in december (a few days ago), and its the first one since august! my periods have always been regular and moderate, but this one i am having excruciating pain in my vaginal…

You need to go to the doctor…what you have is not normal, especially the clots with abdominal pain.

That’s normal! When I got my first period, I didn’t get my next one for a few months and it was very heavy and lots of clots. As long as you aren’t feeling light-headed and having SEVERE cramps, its totally normal. Good luck! 🙂

its normal, you are experiancing labor pains, your utres is contracting to remove the tissue, it can be painfull, however if you miss another month again let your doctor know because there are several conditions that causes this

That’s probably normal if you haven’t had one for a few months. I don’t know why they would have messed up their cycle though, i would go see a doctor…

Take some Pamprin for you’re pain…and its normal

see your gp!!

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