Im 16 and afraid of the dark ?

I will be 16 in august. But im afraid to go downstairs alone in the dark. And when I do.. I get real scared. Then I run really fast up the stairs into my bed. Is this normal? I feel like a baby.

its completly normal everyone is diffrent when it comes too how theyy react too somethin like me im afraid of the dark im 14 and like lol! like when im in my room and i wana go too the kitchen i leave the light on and run too turn on the other light in the hallway and run back too turn the light off in my room hahaha! its not that im afrad of the dark…im afraid of what is in it

everybody has there fears, and i can bet that u probably have a few more, but hey thats normal.. im scared of the dark when i go sleep only, not when im awake… but to honest i scared of my sisters… they are the two things in the world that everybody needs to be scared of, but think about it. some peope are scared of bees, clowns, heights, small spaces… me the biggest thing im afraid of is the unknown, and that what u are scared of too.. u scared of what might happen to u and what is in the dark,, just face your fears by swicthing off all the lights at night and looking into the mirror there is nuthing more scarey.. once u do that the dark wont be as scarey anymore… ull stil be scared but not as much

i used to be so scared of the dark i slept wit my light on and I always feel somethins watching me now i have a dog tht sleeps with me and im still a little araid of the dark but not really if its late like midnight and i want a drink i run like a freaking ninja turning on 20 lights so its not dark anywhere turn off all the lights run like no tmrw and dive into bed! yup thats my nioghtly excercise too^-^

Totally normal. I hate running up the stairs in a house in the dark!! I can’t wait to get to the top, right?

Nowadays, most homes don’t have basements like they did years ago. So whenever you move, make sure that can’t happen! 😉

Well last night the power was out all over Los Angeles, I was dark I was scared and I live by myself. Your are not alone. I don’t want to tell you how old I am.Its embarassing

Me too! In fact, my case is worse.
Daily bedtime schedule: Turn off lights, jump into bed like a ninja so nobody grabs my feet. Plus, you don’t know WHAT can be down there. It’s completely normal, don’t worry! Plus, you’ll probably outgrow it. I hope this helps!

Do you watch a lot of scary movies? If so, maybe you should stop. Can you turn on a light or put a night light downstairs?

Way to help out Nora….

You will eventually figure it out, once you realize there really isn’t anything that could harm you down there you will be fine.

so! who cares if u r afriad of the dark!! nothing to be ashamed of because i still like sleeping with my mom!

yes! lol I do it and I’m 18 haha and it’ll probably continue until I’m in the nursing home

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