Im after a 2002-04 bmw 3 series, audi a4 or mercedes c class which would you recommend?

GOOD question, but I think this depends on you.. I have driven and test drove everything.. I currently own a 2008 BMW 328i since I traded my 2002 BMW… I have driven all the cars, but I would have to say I would be biased since I am BMW owner.. But I am going to try to give you an objective point of view..

1) First what look are you going for??? SPORT, CLASS, OR LOOK? If your going for Sport, I say stick with the BMW 330ci.. If your looking for Class/Prestige stick with the Mercedes C-class 240. I think they have better interior electronics.. If your looking for more business professional look with a easy driving stick to the AUDI A4..

2) Driving and Performance- BMW wins without any hesitation

3) Interior- AUDI or MERCEDES wins

4) Exterior – Depends on what your objective is.

5) COST OF REPAIRS MOST IMPORTANTLY!!!! Most young people do not realize the REPAIR COST ON THESE FOREIGN CARS.. I can only tell you from 4 BMW I have owned that repairs are a KILLING NIGHTMARE!!!!! Oil changes @ BMW dealers are $100 dollars, Labor rate is $100+ dollars, everything is MUCH MORE expensive… Well your probably thinking I can take it to a local shop.. Unfortunately you have to be careful because its a foreign car and you better trust your mechanic!!! BMW requires PREMIUM FUEL!!! Mercedes is the same cost on repairs.. I do not know about AUDI.

Overall- IF you plan to purchase AUDI< BMW , or Mercedes.. I think you have to do a lot more research in what your style or preference.. I like BMWs because of their sporty driving performance.. Mercedes are heavy on the ground.. Audi are just slow to accelerate.. If your looking for interior stick with MERCEDES… If your plan to purchase anyone of these cars.. BUY CERTIFIED PRE-OWN.. You won’t regret paying that extra money because of the repairs for a USED VEHICLE!!!

For car research I like using WWW.EDMUNDS.COM

i tend to like audis partially coz it’s neither a mercedes nor bmw which you see everywhere. at least here in cali. audi’s tend to be less common, and i think they’re just as luxurious. and i think they offer a good balance of what bmw and mercedes offer. not quite the level of sportiness as bmw but more than mercedes. not quite the pampering of mercedes, but more than bmw. my own opinion. and i just think they’re better looking cars. nothing extreme like some bmw’s, and nothing overly simplistic like some mercedes (although mercedes is getting more edgier in their designs). i’ve had an A4 before and now an S4. i may be biased but have driven the bmw and mercedes competition. both have good things to offer but i recommend the audi.

is it just me or do the honda 07/08 honda accords and the c class look alike? of course the honda cant compare (besides mpg and lifespan) but audi’s are starting to improve and are better in some ways,, 1) the audi has better handling if you live in a place with hills windy roads or etreme winter or rainy season weather the audi is better in terms of comfort the mercedes german engineering is going to kick the **** out of all of them and i believe that the c class has the most HP’s so there is plenty of power to spare which means the engine doesn’t have to work as hard therefore making it smoother and quieter BMW’s are sportier and thats the main difference between bmw and the other two

the one that is the newest and least mileage.

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