In your opinion, is our society improving or getting worse?

Do you think the world is getting better or worse in terms of morality, safety, financial stability, etc.?

You might think I’m stupid to ask if it might be getting better in terms of financial stability, given the global financial crisis, but I’ve heard that despite the recessions that have occurred,…

IMHO,Both…..We Are Economically And Scientifically Moving Forward.We Are Advancing In Fields Of Education,Healthcare,Space Science,Renewable Energy,Safe Nuclear Energy.
Yet There Are More Poor People Like India,Africa,Latin America,Illiteracy In These Regions.
5 Million Children Die Every Year In These Countries Due To Hunger.
Politically And Morally We Are Moving Backwards,I am irreligious,But Religions Are Deteriorating Into Lobbies Of Power And Terror,Whether Be It Christian,Islam,Hindu,Buddhist,Sikh.
Political Parties Whether Be It Right Or Left Represent The Elites While People Are Forgotten.
Popular Repression Continues In Countries Like China.More Young People Are Getting Into Drugs,Alcohol,etc Mainly Due To Unemployment And Illiteracy….
Expecting The World To Be Better…….

Our world is in a state of homeostasis. We always have been, if it’s not one thing, it’s not another. There’s a new mass hysteria every week, and humanity has frankly been dissatisfied since day 1, politically & financially, like say they same s***, different day – My personal opinion however, our quality of life has entirely diminished. Things aren’t as appreciated as they were before. & Morality was never pristine no matter what era, but there was a time when a child could grow up on time, plans were made face to face rather than through a text message or on Facebook, and things were done manually and small things were cherished. Our lives are practically lived on computer screens, rather than being outside living it. So, I say we have moved forward, we have made amazing progressions forward, but our utilization of it is so damaged.

it type of feels to worsen a week. I study a lot of information ingredients and would not have faith what passes for regulations in this u . s . from now on or that anybody, even a democrat can say the economic gadget is convalescing and shop a immediately face. Joe Biden pronounced that all the heavy lifting is finished and that they are actually in marketing campaign mode. this suggests the bashing, smearing and craziness of pre-election classified ads and surprises cases one thousand as in no way earlier considered or heard. i’m no longer looking forward to the destiny like I used to.

until population growth gets under control by education and law the gap gets wider

I think it is getting worse. Extremely quickly too

I think worse, people are losing their manners, everyone is stressed, economy is unstable, more crimes happen every day

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