In your Spiritual Tradition, what is your understanding of the Last Judgment?

Many of the Theist Traditions teach there will come a Last or Final Judgment.
Most teach that this Last Judgment is made by God upon each individual man.
God inspires, but man interprets, & often thru a glass darkly.
Is it possible that the seed of Truth has been altered by a pessimistic point of view.
What is…

When Jesus said, “Now is the judgment of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.” (John 12:31), who is the one that would be judged? Not us, but the ruler of this world. Who is the ruler of this world? The devil, or the accuser of the brethren, or Satan – that part of our conscience that condemns us, that came from partaking from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, a picture of the law.

At the cross, the evil conscience is judged. The law was nailed to the cross, and taken out the way, so that the ruler of this world can no longer accuse or condemn or bring guilt and shame to humankind.

Maybe Gray said it well: “Actually judgment had to do with one’s conscience and It is not that God’ was doing something to people to Judge them,it was rather their consciences were judging them.”…

Colin Lagerwall:
It might seem a trivial point, yet it carries a lot of weight. Jesus said He came not to condemn the world…so if Jesus, who has the same heart of the Father and the Spirit, never came with condemnation, who does?

Tina Willis:
Condemnation can come from our own conscience, from others, from Satan… that’s why renewing the mind is SO CRITICAL. I believe God’s mirror more than I believe the world’s mirror, THAT alone is what has enabled me to see the real truth and has radically transformed my life.

Colin Lagerwall:
Yes ! God never condemns, never has and never will, He is not the source of condemnation. Our own heart, augmented by satan’s accusations is the source.

I brought this up because MANY christians have the idea that God sent Jesus to save us from His condemning, which paints a bizarre understanding of who God is (He sent His Son to save us from from Himself, which then means that the cross changed God, and this is not so, He is the same eternally, He is Love eternally, He is forever FOR us, not against us)

Our own hearts are released from condemnation when we realise His unconditional acceptance, and when we lose our self-condemnation, we then have confidence towards Him and receive the grace we need.

(Grace = the Divine influence on our hearts)

Satan accuses us to keep the condemnation in place, cause when we feel condemned, our confidence wanes, and His influence on our hearts is ineffective because WE close off/shut down.


Bottomline: There is no judgement from God. Jesus came not to condemn but to save. He has saved us from having a condemnation mindset (“repent” means change our mind) – it’s up to us to believe this wonderful good news that we are all one with God and He has never forsaken us all along and He sees us as His precious and beloved sons and daughters – that is having the mind of Christ – and we will be set free from condemnation, and live life in peace and joy, for the kingdom of God is not outside of us, but is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit who is within every one of us. 🙂

Blessings to all.

I believe in the eastern philosophy about last judgment,
which I think, differ from the Christian, Jews and Islamic thinking,
because it also believes in reincarnation
and for that reason the last judgment takes place at the end of each life cycle.

I am an agno-myst and I think,
last judgment is an essential step in the evolution of an individual soul
because it acts like a filter in the process of purification of the soul
which totally depends on the level
of righteousness, truthfulness, goodness and moral values
attained by a being through deeds performed during that particular life span.
So as a result righteous souls evolve to higher levels of consciousness
and reincarnate more consciously
in better circumstances and conditions for further evolution,
whereas ignorant souls are filtered out
and send back repeatedly to take birth in lower levels of consciousness
unless and until these become aware about the spiritual values
of righteousness, truthfulness and the collective goodness.

So I think, there is no better arrangement
other than the system of the last judgment
firstly for the spiritual growth of the individual soul
and secondly for the maintenance of moral values in the society.

I personally believe that an individual soul
continue to evolve through the process of the last judgment
and continue to attain higher and higher levels of consciousness
depending on deeds performed during each life cycle
unless and until the individual soul attains the highest level of consciousness
and merges with the ultimate existential source or the absolute consciousness
to liberate the being from the continuous cycle of births and deaths.

The Premise of Pretersim; which is Christ Centered and also an excellent frame work of theology… suggests that Judgment day already took place in AD70 at the distraction of the Temple in Jerusalem.

where do some people get the idea of White Throne Judgment and the judgment seat of Christ idea?

Actually judgment had to do with one’s conscience and It is not that God’ was doing something to people to Judge them,it was rather their consciences were judging them.

the lake of fire is something that has continued right after new heaven and new earth…It IS something taking place right now… Since people are blinded by their ego, they can see this reality.

You know friend, the most extreme Christians who believed in such madness either currently depressed or they no longer practice Christianity True Story.

When I finally took an honest look at where history has lead these individuals… it was eye opening. People who suffer from extreme self rejection or low self esteem often become these so called “on fire” Christians. People turn to Christianity as a way to feel good about themselves. Christianity often becomes a way for people with low self esteem to feel smart, superior or useful. The institutional church is like the drug pusher who capitalizes upon these lost souls who are in search of purpose. People often become Christians for the same reasons they become cops or join the military. Inside of all of us is a desire to fit in or to feel significant. I believe most turn to Christianity seeking a sort of high and their visits to the institution are more about reaching that emotional high. Just like injecting heroine eventually you can’t get enough heroine to create that first time high experience and then comes the depression.

My honest opinion: There is NO judgment day pending.Huamnity is fine.

Just felt the need tip toe another scared cow or a myth for that matter-:)

Namaste to humanity.

I can only see this “judgment” as the destruction made by the choices of ignorant, narrow-minded world leaders, or a natural disaster (when we speak of an apocalypse). In my opinion, I see it, as an evolution in thought, rather than a last judgment. People are realizing that their current state is horrid, and so they stand up and fight to make it “evolve” into a much better state. Sometimes it doesn’t work well (like the USSR) and sometimes it does (the american revolution). Even though the result could be either good, or bad, I hope that the result can be good. It is up to the people to decide whether or not we will “evolve” or “regress”. But, I highly doubt we will evolve into a greater society, unless the leader who led the majority was logical, morally wise, and strives to lead humanity to greatness, to a future without the corruption and ignorance brought by religion, without corrupt governments and other things.

Human-made games like chess are “judgments” in the sense that the winner is probably a better player, since both (or all, in multiplayer games) start with the same position, situation, manpower/energy, and time. The supposed judgment of “human souls” by a god would compare and contrast billions of individual souls (who all influence each other while they are on the planet earth), who are all different and in different locations, eras, and situations. It surpasses my understanding that any such judgment is possible, especially if this god entity is given supreme -traits like all- Justice, -Mercy and -Knowledge.

So I do not have any tradition, because “Truth is a Pathless Land” (Jiddu Krishnamurti) and my own deity is “only” powerful and knowledgeable to create this entire Universe. –and hopefully, re-integrate Itself when it is finished horsing around …;-) LL

From many people telling me about the Last Judgment, it was told that the ones who is loyal and good (very good) is taken to the heaven by God to the sky and will be protected from all kind of things. And for the one who is Christ followers too but not too loyal but believes in God, will be in the Earth got some tempts to show how loyal the Christians believe in God. For the Last Judgment, everybody will be judge, and for the names who were written in the Book of Life, will be saved and will be a part in the Heaven Kingdom, and for the rest who doesn’t have their names in the Book of Life, will be thrown to the deepest part of the darkness. That’s my opinion. Thx

So the Bible gives information about events over 1,000 years into the future. And it shows that there is no reason to fear what lies ahead. But the question is: Will you be there to enjoy the good things that Jehovah God has in store? This will depend on whether you survive an earlier judgment day, namely, the present “day of judgment and of destruction of the ungodly men.”—2 Peter 3:7.
Yes, since Christ returned and sat down on his heavenly throne, all humankind has been on judgment. This present “day of judgment” comes before the 1,000-year Judgment Day begins. During the present judgment people are being separated as “goats” to Christ’s left hand or as “sheep” to his right. The “goats” will be destroyed because they fail to help Christ’s anointed “brothers” in their service to God. In time, these “goats” show themselves to be unrepentant sinners, wicked, hardened in their practice of unrighteousness. The “sheep,” on the other hand, will be blessed with life under the Kingdom rule because they support Christ’s “brothers” in every way.—Matthew 25:31-46.

As man’s understanding has improved, he has interpreted the scripture with more kindness and tolerance. The New Testament vs the OT is an example. God didn’t change – Man’s understanding and interpretation has.

I believe the concept of the Last Judgment stems from our initial guilt over what we saw as a real rejection of God by Man. Of course we know that man was only free to fall into the illusion of the world, not to reject Him in Reality. This is not because God is big and bad and will spank us but rather because God encompasses everything that is real. That leaves us with only illusion to pick from, lol.

In short, the Final Judgement is the recognition that unreality does not exist, and that only we are blaming us for anything. There was never even an option to pick anything worthy of blame!

Monotheism, Divine Justice, Prophethood, Imamah (Succession) and the Last Judgment Day are the five pillars of Islamic beliefs.

Allah placed human beings on the earth to test them, and so different people live for different lengths of time before they die and their souls are separated from their bodies. Their souls then live on, facing the grave and the questioning therein. After that, the souls return to their bodies which will be resurrected on the Day of Judgement, on which day they will receive whatever they deserve according to their beliefs and deeds in life.

Some people will go to Heaven, also called the Garden, or the Paradise. Others will go to Hell, oftentimes called the Fire. And a select few will be brought into a state of nearness to God.

Both Heaven and Hell have different levels; the worst of people will be in the lowest depths of Hell, while the best of them will be in the highest parts of Heaven.

In my understanding the expression “last judgment” is incorrect because it refers to a total diversity in your existence, an end, and something that is totally out of your potential. These things do not exist. Everything is a continuum and the only thing that differs is our eternal misinterpretation of the Universe’s laws. It’s how you lived, how you feel about it, and the final judgment will be your privilege, heaven or nightmare to deal with

All living beings that have taken human form are subject to a last or final Judgment.
One is always held accountable.
1. When is one ‘subject’ to that last or final judgment?
2. When is one ‘not subject’ to that last or final judgment?
That is a very good question, is it not?

That depends totally upon who does the judging!
Al-Hakeem. (The Wise.)….”God”
Al-Hakam. (The Judge.)….”God”

A “Wise Judge” will know if there is anything in which to judge and then make the necessary decree.
Is one harboring anything or not? That is precisely what is judged.
If one is not harboring anything, there is no longer anything to be judged. No Final Judgment.
One will have been declared free of both guilt and innocence.
It’s like they often say: “What’s in your wallet?”
It has also been said: “One can either pay now or one can pay later.”
How does ones credit and debit sheets stack up? Is ones account in good standing?
Will everything be found balanced upon ones boarding and departure?
Is anyone at all, even a bit curious?

Peace be always with you.
in sha’Allah
al-hamdu lillah

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