Is it true that the IRS tea party audit “scandal” is the GOP’s dirtiest trick yet?

The IRS targeting and harassment of Tea Party groups was done by a man named Douglas Shulman, who was commissioner of the IRS until last fall. Douglas Shulman was appointed by Bush, and he is also a former employee of Grover Norquist, an anti-tax supporter and supporter of the Tea Party movement.

Yes it happened under Shulman.

It’s good that its come up because it will cause a review.

I.R.S. is an independent organization. The president technically didn’t fire Steve Miller. The Secretary of the Treasury did, as the president stated.

There is no indication that this is anything other than an internal matter at the I.R.S. The Treasury Inspector General’s report is quite clear that everyone they talked to said this was entirely within the I.R.S. Barring any new evidence, I don’t see any reason to question that.

Nothing was done to “punish” these organizations. The I.R.S. was looking to see if the many who have requested 501(c)(4) status deserve it, which is their job.

You and I and all of us in some small way financially support all those groups with that status. They often don’t have to pay property taxes, so we subsidize that with our own house taxes being a little higher. They don’t pay income taxes, so our income taxes are a little higher.

That means that we ALL are supporting Obama and Hillary’s PACs as well as Romney’s and Ryan’s PACs. I doubt you want to do that anymore than I do.

The LAW defines a 501(c)(4) as a “social welfare” organization that is “not organized for profit but operated **exclusively** for the promotion of social welfare.”

The founding fathers would be astounded at the Citizens United ruling. Do you know how many corporations there were in 1776? Six. Today they would be described as either a public utility or a charity.

By their own definition NONE of the political PACs (all parties) should have tax exempt status. Carl Rove’s organization, according to their tax return, spent less than 1/10th of one percent of its 2011 revenue on social welfare.

But an I.R.S. *internal* regulation that’s been around since 1958 uses the word “primarily” instead of “exclusively.’ So, they almost always give that status to anyone who requests it, and they gave it to all those right wing groups in question.

There are people out there who argue that “primarily” can mean 49.9% of your activity. Is there an adult who’s been in a romantic relationship who thinks that “exclusively” means 49% of the time?

More importantly, it says right on the I.R.S. web site that you can self-declare yourself a 501(c)(4) and commence to act like one. IOW, you can continue doing business as if you already had it – not revealing where funding is coming from, and not paying taxes, etc. So absolutely no harm was done to those right wing groups.

This is why we should all be hollering to our congresscreeps to revoke all 501(c)(4) statuses from *everyone* who engages in politics in any way .

Now you can ask, “Why didn’t they target Democratic 501(c)(4)s? Because Democratic 501(c)(4)s really do have names like “The Hunter School for disadvantaged children,” and “People Helping the Disabled.”


Please explain this “dirtiest trick”. I suspect it will even sound silly if you have to put it into words. The IRS investigation is just getting started. Shulman was indeed the IRS Commissioner when these shenanigans were going on. If or when sopeanas can be issued, he needs to be in front of Congress, explaining himself. Someone else who need some “plainin’ to do” is Sarah Ingram,
Division Commissioner of the Tax Exempt & Government Entities (TE/GE). She was directly in charge of non-profit applications. What is scary, she has now has a new job, implementation of the Affordable Care Act at the IRS, with the awesome power this wields over everyones’ lives.

You seem to be inventing ways to dismiss the validity and seriousness of the IRS investigation. Why?

Yes, it is interesting how the name Tea Party was hijacked and also explains how the name “Ron Paul” is associated with the Tea Party. I never completely understood the connection between a man who seems reasonable and those that seem so angry and way out out touch; but what is even more interesting is I was just thinking of what it means to be considered the father of the country, and if I had to pick someone to be my own father with the choice just being Romney or Gingrich, that I might just want to run away.

The problem is that this was not an audit. And it was too widespread to be the responsibility of just one person. this was an order given by a top member of the administration.

The dirtiest trick politically today, was infiltrating your media outlets.

CNN – Virginia Mosley is married to Tom Nides
CBS – David and Ben Rhodes are brothers
Ben and Elizabeth Sherwood are brother and sister

Looks like your news outlets are bias and censored buddy.

We live in a politically correct society, do you really think they’ll let a black president take the fall for being the criminal he is? BAHAHAHAHAHA

The second article of impeachment of Nixon was from the IRS targeting democrat people. JUST like the IRS did to con groups! Will Obama get charged ? NEVER happen to the first black president..

So in other words, President Obama has no idea of what is going on high in the ranks at the IRS. Yeah, I’m perfectly comfortable with him as President.

PS – It was conservative groups being targeted, and yet a bunch of liberals in Congress are pissed about it. Explain that.

They people they are hitting with charges are going to talk, lets see what they tell us

Yep,Even fooled Obama into asking for a resignation
Gee I thought he was so smart

This falls on Obama. He knew last year what was going on. Then he fired a guy who was stepping down anyway

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