Is Russia Invasion of Georgia similar to Iraq invasion of Kuwait?

When Iraq invade Kuwait, it got quick help and response from U.S. and its allied, probably cause of oil i assume, but when comes to Georgia, they response were slow and ineffective.

Yes, the situations are similar. Oil is implicated in Georgia also. But the allies are tired of war and afraid to confront Russia.

Russia are part of the UN council aren’t they? So that would cause riots if the Allied Nations rushed to Georgias aid. Russia are out of order to invade a country as they choose, as were Iraq when they invaded Kuwait. If Georgia had resources useful to America, they would be over there right now! So yes it is similar to the previous invasion.

Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait is without any justifiable reason. Saddam invaded Kuwait simply because he wanted to.

If you have to do a more closer comparison, Russia’s actions is no different than the US invasion of Iraq and the US actions in Serbia (to free Kosovo). If anything, the invaders provided their reasons to invade (whether justifiable or not depends on one’s viewpoint).

No its not. Read the actual news and not the propaganda you her on TV here. All is not as it appears.

Georgia is killing its own people and committing genocide on a scale not seen since the Nazi concentration camps. Russia i sonly there because 10 of their peace keepers were killed during the first night of bombing in Georgia and 30 were wounded.

Educate and inform yourself or you’re just another useless sheep.

Actually, according to our (United States of America) past actions, and our typical way of thinking. Saddam was more than justified in invading Kuwait… Kuwait was sideways drilling into the oil reserves of Iraq… I wonder if anyone gave Kuwait the approval for doing this? Yes, someone did… the USA told Kuwait to go ahead and STEAL Iraqi oil. All we really did was start the Gulf War, on purpose of course because I don’t believe in things of that magnitude happening on their own.

The situation is completely difference.
It was Georgia-US who attacked first.
They broke the peace treaty, starting to bombard the peaceful town in S.Ossetia at night with heavy artillery and missiles. They ruined the capital of S.Ossetia, killed 2000 civilians and at least 10 russian peacekeepers that were there according to the peace treaty and UN approvement.
After that georgian forces and tanks come in slauthering civilians.
So according to its obligation as a peacekeeper Russia had to protect civilians from genocide.

Not simillar. It’s just a peace-making action of russia. They were protecting their citizens living in Ossetia. And by the way….there is not so much gas or oil in Georgia. The only gas they had was Russian gas. Now they don’t have even this

see the link below for how ineffective the Georgians were except for their
air defense unit which was trained by the Israeli military advisers who are
expert in this field by necessity.

the two situations are entirely different. if anything the comparison is between when the USSR tried to put missiles in cuba in 1962 and the US
trying to sneak a 3rd rate but strategically placed power into
NATO so that it can arm it to the max on the border of Russia.

nah it was more like Israel invading Lebanon or Palestine. A land grab.

However they really did have a reason to go in because Georgia showed incredible stupidity and arrogance by bombing S.O. which is full of Russian citizens and peacekeepers. And now Russia controls even more Oil and it keeps nato off their borders. In fact if the United States was Russia in their position we would have done the exact same thing.


Pay attention to this example.

Georgia now like Serbia, S.Ossetia like Kosovo.
And Russia like NATO (US). It saves people from genocide as NATO done in Kosovo.

Russia is a weird place. They’re think they are the best, the mightiest, the smartest, and will flex their arm to prove it. They also rewrite history books, and censor news to make it so.

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