Jelly Belly or Jelly Beans? Your favorite flavor?

I do not like the buttered popcorn or peanut butter jelly belly and I like all jelly bean flavors, exception the black ones!

OMG send me all your black jelly beans…my favorite! They taste the same in the dark unlike the colored ones which you have to look at.
I guess I’ll have to share them with JAMIE.

Orginal Jelly Beans

Jelly Belly Lemon

I like Buttered Popcorn too. Have you ever tried any of those Harry Potter flavored Jelly Bellys out of curiousity. Those are some pretty gross jelly beans.

Jelly Belly, green apple, lemonade, strawberry- pretty much anything fruity. I like buttered popcorn tho. =) Jelly Belly is SO much better than other jelly beans, they are softer and have way more flavors! GO JELLY BELLY!

Jelly Belly Dr. Pepper ones are the best!!

Jelly Belly All of them, but not the spicy ones.

Jelly Beans…. I like strawberry and lemon

The buttered popcorn are my favorite!

jelly belly pear and peach

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