Mac vs. Dell vs. Toshiba vs. Sony vs. HP (notebooks)?

Which one should i buy that would best suit my needs for the following:
microsoft office
doesn’t break down every other month
almost no problems
good internet connection (im not talking bout AOL)

You should definitely go with a mac and here are a few reasons why:

1.) Macs are the most user friendly computers out there. Everything you need in a computer is already there, there’s no hassle setting it up, and no loads of crap to install. 2.) All Macs come with iLife, software that people can actually use not that trial crap that PC’s get bundled with. You get Safari, iChat, iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD, GarageBand, iWeb, and a plethora of other useful applications. 3.) Macs hardly (practically never) get viruses or Crash. For the years that I’ve had my iMac, I’ve never gotten a virus, or experienced any difficulties like crashing. 4.) Macs can also run windows. With programs like Parallels, or BootCamp Macs will run windows applications just as well as any PC, that is if you happen to like using a less advanced operating system. 5.) and this may just be my opinion but Macs are dead sexy.

A mac would definitely suit all your needs unlike PCs which get viruses and have a tendency to crash every once and a while.

I have an Acer and it sucks. Everyone I know that has any PC has had a million problems, just like me. But everyone I know that has had a Mac thinks they are the best thing in the world! I am seriously considering purchasing one for my next computer. I know it seems like a big change, but I heard you can even get a Windows operating system now becuase in 2007 they are making them with the Intel processors so it will be compatible. That will make the transition much easier I think.

p.s. Dell has been very vell known for their customer service, but I have heard that it is not nearly as good as it used to be, I guess since they have become so popular now.

Dell used to be very good, but don’t let the people who have bought them in the past fool you. Dell has gone downhill in the last couple of years, in both support and hardware quality. I advise against apple simply because there are so many programs you can’t run on it, and Sony is very overpriced and not worth the extra money. HP notebooks are cheap and reliable, and are the best choice. Most of these people have only used one or two different notebooks, and don’t truly know how they compare to others.

I would really say Sony or dell
these are both huge computer companies and make sure that they are vista capable
Sonys are really well designed and extremely light
their screens are very bright and sharp
sony battery life can be over 6hrs

average design
Very durable
good customer support
very customizable
average battery life
some are easy to carry around some are bulky and heavy

I would definitely go with Dell. My wife and I had three Dell laptops so far, and they performed great.

I had two minor issues with my laptop and called customer support. They sent me a CD without any questions (it turned out I already had it in the first place). The second time they sent a tech guy the very next day and fixed my laptop at home (you need to buy this service, but it’s only about 30-40 dollars extra).

I’d go with them…

HP is alright with price and ease of use and microsoft OS. No Toshiba, pls no. Mac is expensive and u can’t find a tech guy for help (dont tell me u wont have tech problem on Mac). Dell is degrading and sony is expensive.

Get the Mac! You’ll be amazed at how much better OS X is than Windows. Everyone I know who’s switched to the Mac wishes they had done it sooner.

Macs don’t crash, have absolutely no viruses, they run Office, and OS X is infinitely better than Windows…no-brainer.

I have a dell 5160. had it 3 years. broke down only once. customer service is great too. works great!!!

Dell Inspiron B130 … Im on it now, but I also customized it on website!

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