My abandoned baby kitten is dying! is there anything i can do?

I found 2 kittens about 4 days ago and one already died. the other one got chilled today but he was doing just fine bafore. now he is quieter and not very active. he is barely eating. i put him under a heat lamp and he seems to be doing slightly better but he is still acting lethargic. is there anything else i can…

Most of the advice give here is good. Short of taking him to the vet, which is probably the best option, here is a good website that may be able to help you:
It’s a great site with all sorts of info about how to care for orphaned kittens.

The three most important things you need to concentrate on are:
1. Keeping kittens warm. They cannot regulate their own body heat for the first few weeks of life. Get a heating pad and put it on low setting underneath the blanket in their sleeping box, but only put the pad on half the box. This is because if they get too hot, they can crawl away from the heat to the cool side of the box.
2. Feeding kittens – Kittens need special kitten replacement milk, normally called KMR. You can find this and a special small bottle for baby animals at pet stores, some grocery stores, and even wal-mart. If you cant get any right away, and need some food now you can use evaporated milk temporarily, but don’t do this too long because most cats are lactose intolerant and cannot handle too much dairy from cow’s milk. The website I linked also has a recipe for how to make your own kitten formula at home. If you can’t get a bottle right away, you can use something such as an eye dropper, but be VERY careful if you do this, and only give them a few drops at a time, because if they get too much in them all at once, they can accidentally aspirate liquid into their lungs, which can cause them to get sick or even die.
3. Kittens need help going potty. You need to help them by taking a cotton ball dipped in warm water, and rubbing it gently on their bottom and tummy to stimulate them to go potty. Normally momma cat would lick them to help them do this.

Good luck, I hope your kitten makes it, and I’m sorry the other one died 🙁

Take this kitten from under the heat lamp right now or you’ll cook it. Instead, use a heating pad set on low under a towel to keep it warm.

You didn’t say how old the kitten is, but remember if it’s just a tiny one it will have to eat every few hours and have its bottom cleaned. Make sure you’re using kitten milk and not cow’s milk.

If the kitten is very thin and has grayish-looking diarrhea there is a possibility the kitten has coccidia and it needs to see the vet immediately because this is a kitten killer and you can’t cure it on your own.

You could also call the vet and tell them what’s going on to see if they can give you more advice. You could also go by the clinic with the kitten and tell them you found it in case they might take it in to care for it.

And, in spite of your best efforts, it’s possible that this kitten had problems that you can’t help with. Sometimes mama cats will abandon their babies because they know something is wrong with them and they won’t make it.

He does need heat, but be very careful that the heat lamp is not to close as to get him too hot. Wrapping him in a blanket and holding him to your body will also supply him with heat. Feed him kitten formula in a kitten bottle every 2 hours around the clock. It will be an hour by hour vigil but it may work. ( kittens cannot maintain their own body heat so you are on the right track.) Sherri W has a good point, he must urinate and have bowel movements so use the method she suggested too) Best wishes.

Make sure that the new kitten is drinking and being hydrated. Since I don’t know of any other symptoms your cat has, the best thing you can really do for him is take him to the nearest vet office/animal clinic/emergency animal vet. The vet will better assess his health and will give you proper medication for your new kitten.

Hope you can help him! Good luck to you both!!!

Give him a little maple syrup , put him on a heating pad and go at once to a Vet. Also force feed him some liquids

TAKE HIM TO THE VET! They will probably tell you this – Kittens will not eat if they are not warm… So put it on a heating mat, make sure you are bottle feeding him the right kitten milk replacer.. NOT COWS MILK!!! he must be wamr to eat, otherwise he will DIE

you can feed it a milk replacer of 1/2 cup water, 1/2 cup evaporated milk, 1 tablespoon corn sryup, 1 teaspoon honey, 1 egg yolk. rub the kittens genitals with a wet cotton ball to make it pee. you will prolly have to feed it every 2 hours at first I use an eye dropper to feed them.

they could have numerus things going on with them….do they sneeze or have runny eyes….if so they have a severe upper respitory infection and if the kitten is getting cold…i hate to say that isnt a good sign…it probably will pass away just wrap kitten up and keep comfortable

Go to the vet!!!! Call the vet immediately!!!!!!!!!!! If you think the baby is dying, then this is called an EMERGENCY!! Go to the vet NOW!

my cat dyed today age 2 months

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