My cat eat like a pig, then after hes sick as a dog?

Its driving me mad, my cat is eat eat eat all the time, as soon as i walk into the kitchen he meowing at me none stop, ive tried feeding him at regular times but it doesn’t work, ive tried putting him outside the house but he constantly scratches away at the door meowing…do you know ant tips to stop my cat being…

Congrats, you are now a perfectly trained cat owner. Those cute little balls of fur have a hidden agenda–to make you their slave–and you have fallen into your cat’s trap of deceit. Because they are creatures of habit, your cat knows now he is going to get fed all day long. Leave out some kibble but limit wet food to a small amount twice a day. The cat will soon learn that there is no more food coming it’s way. You may want to invest in some treats to tide him over, but be careful not to give too many of those. Instead of feeding him, you could play or just pet and cuddle him.

You can not let your cat over eat like that, it is extremely hard on their bodies. I know it’s annoying when your cats constanly screaming feed me, but you need to set a time in the morning where your cat gets food and a time in the evening when your cat gets food. It may take a few weeks but he will get the idea that food between meals is not an option.
Don’t put your cat outside, it runs the risk of being hurt, by other animals, and vehicles, also if your cat gets angry and annoyed with being hungry it may go off looking for food elswhere and get lost.
Keep your impatient kitty in the house and when it’s not eating time, put the food bowl away, so the cat’s not seeing it empty all the time. Leave fresh water out at all times.

Good luck

It could be intestinal worms. Try to check his poop right after he uses the litter box. The worms look like little grains of rice and will noticeably move. You need to get the right type of medicine, the kind for tapeworms. I get it at a feed store. If you don’t have one in your area you’ll have to get it at a vet’s office.
If the cat has worms that explains why it’s hungry all the time. The worms are taking all the nutrients from the cat.
If this is the case you should empty the litter box completely right after you give him the medicine. Keep the litter box clean.
If the cat doesnt have worms then you will just have to limit it’s food.

Only feed her a certain amount of good, at certain times in the day. If she’s full grown then feed her twice a day. Don’t give in to her meowing. Distract her by playing with her. Eventually she’ll learn that she’s gonna have to wait .

Try worming him, If he has worms he will be hungry all the time, But don’t buy it off the shelf, go to your vets office and they will sale it to you individually, It’s only like $1.00 a dose, you will need two, one for now and one for two weeks later, and just feed him like 2-3 times a day and keep water out for him, if that doesn’t work, you may want to take him to the vet…Good luck….

Have you wormed him regularly? He may have intestinal parasites that are draining any nutrients she eats.

Try putting down a supply of dry complete cat food so that he can help himself when he’s hungry. If he’s getting fat, then use a low calorie biscuit designed for weight loss.

vet first, could be sick.

stop letting the cat train you. cats are predators. they eat when the mouse runs by. if a hundred mice run by, they eat till they get sick.
your cat has figured how to train you to feed him on demand.

you can feed when he begs, but only very little.

only feed at normal times, if you feed every time he meows he thinks he’ll get food.

Put him on the weight control food

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