My sons front adult teeth dont exist,,,,, rare i am told?

Does anyone know of anyone else who has had this problem and what did they do i have been to a few dentist who have told me this will probably cost in excess of $35000 to build him teeth implants when he is fully grown, i am a sole parent that amount of money scares the S#*@ out of me

It runs in families. My friend’s two bottom adult teeth also do not exist. Fly to like Romania or soemthing to get it done, dental work is like a million times cheaper there.

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I work in the dental field and I have seen quite a few people who have that problem where there some permanent teeth do not develop. I don’t know about the cost that you were quoted though( $35000). I work in Ottawa Canada and one implant at my office is $3,500, although I know a friend who is getting 2 implants for premolars at her dentist and she will be paying about $6,000 in total.

Implants are great if you can manage the cost and if you have dental insurance (including major) The insurance will sometimes put up part of the money. If you don’t have insurance some offices have a credit program or a payment plan option they can work out with you.

You could always get a flipper for know for him with two fake front teeth until you can manage implants.

The advantage of implants is that when the screw of the implant is integrated into the underlying bone it will act like a root of a tooth and stimulate bone cell generation. When that doesn’t happen the bone will slowly shrink down over time and eventually (years from now) an implant may not be possible. Maybe that is a good question for your dentist.
Another advantage is that they are permanent and should last, hopefullly forever.

Good luck 🙂

Yes it’s a congenital problem that happens to some people, it’s usually a lateral that’s missing but can be any of them. I worked for a Dentist years ago who was missing an adult front tooth and still had his baby tooth in it’s place. Hopefully your son’s baby tooth is there and will last him awhile, as they usually do. If he’s missing it already, and while he is still growing they may have suggested a flipper partial. You don’t want to have anything permanent done until he is finished growing due to the continued eruption of teeth and his bone formation not being finished yet. Everything is moving around and changing position to much to do anything permanent just yet. I hate to say it, but a flipper is better than going through the expense of something more solid or permanent until he’s finished growing. And again, yes an implant may be expensive, somewhere around $7,000.00 with the surgery and crown included. It is the most realistic and natural looking way to go. A bridge although less expensive would required that two perfectly good teeth be prepped down for crowns to use as the abutment teeth, or to hold the fake tooth in place. I understand about the financial part being a burden. You might want to consider talking to the surgeon and your dentist about pre paying for this now (at today’s prices) in a payment plan while waiting on his growth pattern to stop. You didn’t say how old he is or what time frame your looking at. They may allow you to do this and you could stretch the payments out over a few years. Then when he’s old enough it’s paid for and your not hit with the higher cost then, it will cost more in 3 to 5 years than it does today. It’s something to consider and discuss with your dentist and the oral surgeon. Most dentist are considerate and do things like this to help patients out, they understand the financial burden these procedures place on patients. Hope I’ve been of some help and I’m so sorry this has happened to your son. Tell him he’s not the only one though, we see cases like his and worse than his, all the time and every one of them are just as devastated as I’m sure he is. Don’t worry though there is a way to fix it, we just have to wait on him to quit growing! Take care and good luck!

Additional information: You didn’t say how many teeth your son is missing. The cost you mentioned is extremely high for one or two, so I’m guessing it’s the anterior lateral to lateral. Average cost for one implant is anywhere from $4000.00 and up, depending upon the dentist, the surgeon, the state, the diffuculty of the procedure and which materials are used. You might want to check by having a consultation a few more dentist to get an idea of the cost variations and you’ll get an education about the procedure in the process. Also a dental college may be your best choice, the dentist are trained and finishing up with clinicals, they are supervised by qualified dentist in all procedures so your son would be in good hands for treatment and at a reduced price. You may want to check on this as I’ve been told in some areas there is a wait, although in some cases such as your son’s it may be taken due to the unusual procedure and the level of difficulty. I don’t know what your time frame is for having this done as I stated earlier, so you may want to look into it soon. I’m sure you will find the help needed, just keep looking.

Very rare actually. I’m 40-something and still have one of my baby teeth because I don’t have an adult tooth to take it’s place. The dentist told me it will eventually fall out and I’ll have to get a partial or an implant in it’s place. Try checking at a dental college, they do good work and they do it at a reduced rate. I’ve known people who went to Mexico for dental work, some were happy with the results and some weren’t. If you go out of the country do as much research as you can and ask around. Try to see a dentist that someone you know has seen before. Personally I would go for the dental school.

Hey. I’m in the same situation. I am not only missing four teeth entirely (neither baby nor permanent teeth grew in at all) but I am the proud owner of 8 baby teeth with no adult teeth in the works.

Apparently it is a genetic problem and my teeth will eventually fall out. But, I’ve been mostly ok up until now – I lost my first tooth last year, when I was 26. His teeth should be all right for a while, at least until he should, hopefully, be able to swing some dental insurance. The rest of my teeth are holding up ok for now. But I am definitely looking into implants and would recomment them for your son.

How many teeth?
It’s rare to have a permanent tooth missing but not completely uncommon. Eventually he will have to have implants done – but we send patients out for that regularly and it never costs that much. I’ve seen the work after and it’s exceptional. It does cost between $3-4000 per tooth on average but you can use a bridge, or a partial until you can afford it. And your insurance should help. Find out what is going on for sure and look into it. Plus, with any permanent kind of tooth you want everything else in his mouth set first. That means braces to make them straight and put them into place. Bleaching to make sure that the artificial teeth will be the right color for the rest of his life. He’ll probably be about 18 or older when he finally gets the final teeth.

My 6th grade science teacher’s daughter had that. She did have to have new, false teeth implanted when she was around 18. One way to earn more money and save up for when that day comes (when he’ll have to have the surgery) try and save 3000 dollars a year and put them in a safe bank. If you are in your 20’s or 30’s now, by simply doing this you could be a millionaire by retirement! And always remember this, pay yourself before you pay others. Each month set aside a certain amount and then pay your bills and stuff. And if you can’t afford to set aside $3000 a year, try and find a hobby that you can make money with. For me it is making jewelry, which I sell at my school and at local stores.
PS. I have to have a similar surgery when I turn 16 (I’m 13 now- a little wise for my age : – ) . I have to have surgery because I have a severe overbite and it effects my daily life. I can’t close my mouth properly and it’s affecting how I breathe and digest food. My procedure will cost over $100,000. Which we can’t afford. So my parents are doing the set-aside-money-thing. So I know what you and your little boy are going through. : – )
I hope that I’ve helped and have given you some ideas to conjure up cash and prepare yourself for the future.


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visit this website:…

These are all the dental colleges in the US. Call them. Some, if not all, dental colleges (where people learn to become dentists) have PUBLIC dental clinics. They need patients to work on. AND the cost is thousands LESS than having work done at a private dentist.
My grandmother visited Tufts dental school after she was told she needed 5,000 dollars worth of work done.
It cost her about 500 at the dental school. She had to go back for several appointments but the work was well done and it saved her tons.
Call the schools, visit their websites to find the numbers if they arent listed on the ADA website. Ask them if they have a public dental clinic.

My wife had poor dental care as a child, I’ve invested a small fortune in her teeth over the years. She had 2 inplants put in 2 years ago, cost was a little over $5K.

On the other hand, my sister still had some of her baby teeth when she died at 58 years old. Never really knew why, but maybe she didn’t have adult teeth to push the baby teeth out?

Yes implants are very expensive and being a single parent makes it harder.

Call you state welfare office and let them know your situation and in most cases because it is a rare condition they will help pay for implants.


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