Nicknames for the name Erica?

My friends and family call me Eric, but I dont like that. My name is Erica not Eric, it’s kind of annoying so I want a new nickname. Something that fits with Erica. Also any new ways of spelling it I could try?

I know an Erica. These are some of her nicknames:

Erickee (air-eh-key)
Eri (air-ee)

Have fun and change the spellings to your liking. Nicknames are fun 🙂 Hope I helped.

Ricky, Eri, “E”, air (jk lol unless u like it),
u could spell erica like ericka, but dats ugly or Arica like this girl at my school
hope this helped a little or maybe provoked some clever name to arise in your mind! 🙂

E, Ricky, Rick, Erk <3

Errie? Erra/ Era? Riccy? Rica? Ria?

spelling it: Erika, Erka

nicknames: Rika, Ca, Ri

my name is Erica, and people call me either Eri (AIR-ee) or Rikki (RICK-ee). also, Rika is a cool japanese name that you could call an Erica, pronounced (REE-kah) or Riki (REE-kee)

Erka =P
I like Eric honestly lol 🙂

Eri (air ee)

Rara (ra-ra)
Riri (Ree-ree)

We used to call my friend Ericka the first 2. (PS the first 2 are just jokes)

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