No war with North Korea?

I have listed a few reasons why we shouldn’t go to war with north korea because the media loves to hype how were in danger (oh noes!!).

1. It will kill civilians. Yes, innocent people and more of our own soldiers will die. Do you really want to sit back like its a game and say “go get em” while…

You are right.

It won’t happen. The north Koreans do this every few years. They have my whole life

Intill? That isn’t even a word! Get an education, you will go a lot farther in life if you do.

1. All wars kill civilians, which is why many people are against war to begin with.

2. North Korea has been making threats for a long time.

3. It very well could start WW3, but we’re not the ones making threats and starting it, are we?

And where is the question?

War is very unpredictable, so this will be hard. There’s South Korea and Japan and I’m pretty sure they’d help the U.S. The European countries will definitely help the U.S. China could join North Korea, seeing how they helped North Korea in the Korean War, but most likely they will join the U.S. since the nukes could threaten them. The U.N. would definitely be furious if nukes were used. The U.N. promotes peace and using nukes does the opposite of that. However, if things got very serious (Like North Korea used nukes) The U.N. would probably have to stomach the idea of the allies using nukes against North Korea. However, they’d have to be careful on where they aim the nukes because South Korea nd China are so close to North Korea

1. Few civilian casualties in surgical airstrikes. We would not really care about bombing the whole country, only the places that count. We need the power to the people. Collateral damage happens in war.

2. We should prepare. We should also tell them not to cross the line, if they do then show them a glimpse of the hell we can unleash if they continue.

3. It would not start WWIII, China wouldn’t risk their neck for NK (NK is going down the drain anyways) and Russia and Iran aren’t close with them. NK doesn’t do much for anybody else anyways.

The enemy in our case is a 5′ tall crazy man who wears the same thing every day. We should still watch him since he’s capable of hurting people (and is hurting his own.. the NK civilians are literally eating bark off of trees. That’s how bad they are starving).

1. ALL wars kill civilians, so your argument here doesn’t have much to it.
2. You claim to care about the citizens, but you want to wait around for hundreds of thousands to die because of a nuclear missile striking a country?
3. World War III is inevitable because of the tension caused by nuclear arms.
Sticking your head in the sand will not make a problem go away. You have to confront the problem head on and try to get rid of it.

I agree with you to a point where you mention it would start a world war 3 .Every war have had the same potential of starting a world wide war they said this about the war in iraq but it haven’t happen since 1942 .So this too is misleading information coming from the media who love adversity for their media rating.

North Korea has been doing this for years.

They just talk trash as they always have.

They are not going to start a war with the U.S.

Considering we’ve been at war with North Korea since 1950, I would say you are a bit too late with your reasoning. We are only in a cease fire agreement at this time, as we’ve been in since 1953.

That is why Bush tried talks and all the libs dissed him on it.

Thank you!!!

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