North Korea Bombs July 2009?

Idk if this was a dream or real life because late at night on 4th of july weekend i thought i heard on tv that north korea sent 7 bombs to iowa and 1 bomb to chicago… is this real or fake?

I’m pretty sure you were dreaming, N Korea is the most nuts and stupid country in this world!

Given that the liberal media would be focusing on the death of the Plastic Pedophile, it would not surprise me if a North Korean bomb hit the United States and nobody knew it.

But to answer your question, NO, I live in Chicago and am still here. Also, the rockets that N. Korea has cannot reach Iowa or Chicago.

i’m uncertain the place you heard this or study this yet its greater desirable than possibly incorrect. i advise if north korea substitute into gonna attack us they does not let us know while and the place. by potential of doing that they’ve instructed the u.s. precisely the place to look. i does not difficulty approximately being attacked by potential of north korea. no longer yet. they nonetheless have particularly some technical advancements earlier they alter right into a danger the the u.s. as an entire. i could be greater worried approximately them attacking south korea, in the event that they attack south korea then we ought to pass to conflict with them via fact we are allies with south korea.

Hahaha, Iowa and Chicago. Nah, that would be like stealing a 1985 station wagon and 1994 minivan. It didn’t happen.

they were steak bombs from local korean restaurants.
there was steak all over the place…..pretty desperate scene and reason enough to declare war.

lmao pretty sure its fake. or the media would be ALL over it
so yeah….you probably got drunk or something

Not hardly….they can’t hit those targets. Study up !!

hawaii is the farthest they can reach

Are you stoned or what?

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