Obama’s approval numbers are sinking FAST. I’m starting to doubt re-election in 2012. Are you?

I’m seriously starting to doubt whether or not Obama will be re-elected because of his slipping approval rating. What do you think? Did this sort of thing happen to Clinton a year or two before his re-election?

What’s slipping?

The Job Approval ratings have been in the mid-to-high 40s for a year.

They even got a bump last weekend after the Budget deal finally got passed.

Reagan’s numbers were lower. Clinton’s numbers were lower. Bush’s numbers were lower going into the 2004 election.

According to Gallup, Obama’s approval is 42% and disapproval is at 50%.
Americans are finally waking up, this man is an empty suit w/ no experience or knowledge to justify
his job.
Nobama in 2012!

No.. Obama has the media in his pocket..

Only media on television that even questions Obama is Fox News..

They’ll turn up the heat and propogate his Political Persona and I fear the sheep will vote Obama administration back in.

It’s too early to look at approval ratings. George H.W. Bush had a 77% approval a year before the election, and he lost.

Wow, the liberals are really, really delusional.

Obama is fixing stuff? Oh really? Name one thing he has “fixed” and made better?

It’s easy to see now why Libs get elected because their blind followers do not care to educate themselves.

The way the Republicans in the House and Senate are acting I think that people will want to keep a Democrat as president.

His approval rating is through the roof. I can’t wait to get the election out of the way so that he can get on with leading this country.

I thought about that two years ago and haven’t changed my mind. He’s not coming back!

Still a lot better than Bush’s 27%.

they actually aren’t, not even on fox news. reference the poll on this page. dead even


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