Puppy left inside inside mommy for three months and mom survived. Have you heard of that?

My female boxer gabe bith to 8 gorgeous pups on March 16, 2007. The week before we x-rayed and it showed that she only had 7 puppies, well 8 came out, and we gave her the oxyitosen shot to make sure that nothing was stuck in there. Well, soon after she developed a uterin infection and the one vet gave her some…

You know, I would be very upset with the first vet I took her to. I think I would be tempted to go and talk to him about it. That was a very serious situation, that could have ended in death. Especially since you took the dog in twice!!!

I am so happy things worked out good for you!

That is amazing. She must have really good owners, because usually when an owners dog is sick doesn’t get better within a moth they put them down.

OMG, I hav enever ever heard of that!! You are so lucky that she did not die.

Did you ask your Vet why she survived this? Im curious to know.

WOW!! I just cant get over this.

That doesn’t sounds very true to me. If it is true then it’s crazy that she lived for that long, but I find it just a little hard to trust you on that story.

wow. I’m glad she is okay. She must have felt so sick. Poor girl. Way to be persistent!

wow nature and motherhood is so difficult,beautiful,gross at the same time im glad that your dog is better now

That is a really strange story to tell.

no, but that is amazing.

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