Sensationalism over child abductions/ murders, etc?

There’s probably no way to ask this without sounding like an insensitive jerk. But here goes. Am I the only person who thinks that a missing child, or abused child, or murdered child, is horrible, awful, unspeakable, unthinkable, tragic … and not a remotely reasonable topic for a leading national news story…

I agree.
I feel it totally cheapens the tragedy of it all when people use it as a source of entertainment.
If it were my child, I wouldn’t appreciate knowing that people were sitting around discussing my child as if she were the latest new sitcom.

I think the reason why people are so addicted to this type of thing is the “shock value”. It’s a parent’s worst nightmare come true and we all shudder to think it could actually happen.
But out of respect, people should refrain.

Leanne D~~~~
You actually think the news media creates all this hype for the purpose of preventing more things like this happening?!? Better wake up and smell reality….news media care about one thing and one thing only….. their ratings ~ at all cost. Don’t think for a second that they are in this for the child. And we play right into by buying their magazines, watching their news coverage, feeding the interest.

The media is one of the only outlets many law enforcement agencies have to spread the word that there is a missing or exploited child. I can gurantee you, heaven forbid if something happened to one of your children or loved ones you would definitely want the media you seem to repudiate so deeply to be on your families side covering the story, and putting your childs face out there. Even if there is the remotest chance they are still alive then everyone will know exactly who they are searching for. Stories like this as tragic as they are, are absolutely necessary for public consumption. It allows us to protect our child from a potential predator or ourselves from a crazy person out there in the wind. If you would rather this stay a private situation, then you would have it be that there would be no more “Amber Alerts” or “Code Adams” or that police would not use scanners or that “Americas Most Wanted” no longer aired. Without those resources many many more tragedies would occur and you could sit at home and watch your shows about Wars and Politics I suppose. Heaven forbid you are never in a situation where you may actually need these outlets.

I wish I could say this isn’t true about me, but here it is. I feel personally affected by the events I read about children. I have lost sleep over Caylee Anthony, several nights. I stay up a lot and think about abused children. My mom use to ban me from watching the news when I was little- because of the panic and sadness I felt.
I think a lot of people are like that??

Don’t even get me started on the war. Oh gosh. I just watched the first mini series on Saddam Hussein on HBO. I should have never watched it. But I know I’ll watch the rest.

I sort of think it is my business if there is a hungry kid living down the street, or a kidnapped child living 5 states away, or a murdered little girl living in Florida. Maybe it’s not. But I THINK it is. Actually, that probably makes me unstable that I think that.

Edit: My mom actually just called yesterday and asked me if I was going to keep her on the phone, half the night, on Christmas Eve as I cry about the kids who don’t even food (as I do on every Christmas Eve). I told her I probably would. If I see any news stories, it will be that much worse.

LOL- do you think my post was abusive to you? I will now keep myself up over myself being abusive! (kidding)

As for the news, its what they do. This case has been nationally followed since the beginning its only appropriate (for the news) to continue when a new development arises.

As a mother of a little girl this latest story horrifies me and because of that, I am interested in it, in how the mother reacts and what she does, because it makes me think of what I would do in those circumstances, and that makes me wonder how other people feel and what they think. I’m not getting into gory details, I personally wouldn’t want to know.

Many families of victims want their stories out there to try to prevent it from happening to others, not right away, but in time. Remember Polly Klass? Her father is big on telling his story in hopes of helping others. How many associations and groups are there for victims and families? Many. Why are they out there? So they know they aren’t alone and to get the word out. How did they get to that point? Media. How? People saw it, related, and made contact.

Unfortunately, the issue is not “should” but what actually sells.

This is another case where sensationalistic news sells media, no matter how tainted it is.

Consider how wrapped up the media is with Brittany Spears’ child caring – is there any way that affects our day to day life?

One reason we have non commercial news media is simply to remove the pressure to sell media so that people can really take the long view of what society needs to know.

Unfortunately, non commercial media competes with commercial media which has no problem stealing viewers from it.

For the most complete coverage of the news on TV, I watch Jim Lehrer – but it is never “must see TV”.

Of course it’s not really pertinent to anyone but the family members although I do believe that news promotes awareness and that abduction is scarier than a starving child because it is based on an evil element and not an impoverished circumstance. We know there are starving children (those of us in America) but we are pretty far removed from that kind of poverty so when a case like this pops up and is close to home, we feel obligated to discuss it. I don’t actually know if news cases of abductions have done anything to decrease them but if it does send any kind of message to a possible abducter that they will be hunted down, that is a positive. Is Nancy Grace going to hell, probably but in the mean time, let’s pool our resources whether it be verbal or physically active and find these children (hopefully alive).

Desmeran: You’re one of the smartest and most level headed parents on here. I think you are thinking like a man though;) I don’t want to generalize my gender but we do get concerned about all children and maybe having it on the news (especially children who have already died) is not as beneficial as we think but I suppose we feel like we have to do something and sometimes discussing it is as close as we can get.:)

Well, I disagree to some extent. When a child is missing – they have to put out an Amber alert and 24 coverage – that baby needs to be found. I think we should come together as a community to save our children. In terms of murders, this happens with adult murder as well – like OJ Simpson for example.

And you think war is a better topic??? Wow—you were right–insensitive is correct.

Perhaps bc it’s a child, who’s innocence was stolen away from them. And usually at the hands of someone they know.I for one am glad to see it on the paper over the cr@p of war, and govt.

As far as the children from war etc who’re victims–that’s the price of war. A child getting picked up, molested and killed–what was the price of that??!!

I dont have an answer for you.
I dont even have an answer to myself for why I become so obsessed with following everyone of these cases that I can.
The Baby P case wasnt even in the U.S. and I was still all over it, I know every detail.
Same with the Casey Anthony case. I dont watch it on the news, but I do look it up frequently on the internet.
My father wont even talk to me about these types of cases beacause how sick they are.
I have no idea why I am so involved with them, but I wish I wasnt, they overcome me.
I am such an empathetic person and I make myself sick with all of it.
What is wrong with me?

its not the fact about the sensationalism that troubles me, its that the papers only choose to report the very few poster kids….the tragedy is that it happens every day around the world and we never know about it, and we never could, because the problem is so huge.

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