ShOuLd I gEt cOlOrEd BrAcEs ?? ?

Hey <3
i’m gettin’ braces soon, like very this tuesday(and today is sunday)
soo… i was thinking bout gettin’ colored braces, but i don’t really know if i should….. i mean it would be cool and all, but i have to make sure it’s a cool color, and some body says that gettin colored braces…

Get them. I have colored braces and I love that I get to change the color every 6 weeks. If you do get to change them every certain amount of weeks, get colored because its fun to get different colors (for example, i got orange and black put on for school spirit week because those are our colors) the only color i would be concerned about staining your teeth would be dark colors like black or dark blue. I like the color teal. Thats always a cool one or something bright like orange. The only color i dont recommend is pink or red because it kind of blends into your gums and looks really weird.
Hope that helps!

colored braces do not color your teeth. i have them now.
id suggest getting colored ones though instead of like the clear ones because those if u dont brush your teeth every second they will turn yellow. And with those you cant drink coffee and a lot of other things.
I have black because im a matching freak and black matches everything.
but if your not like that then go for something fun like blue or orange!
dont get pink or red though. i got that and from far away it just looks like you have HUGE gums hhaha
hope i helped

I have braces. and havign colored braces don’t color your teeth, unless your orthodontist has bad quality colors. I would suggest getting plain colord braces.
1. if you’re into fashion, then plain colors will go with anythign you wear.
2. If you get green, yellow, white, black,or pink it may look like you have dirty teeth with stuff stuck in it.

So i’d say go with plain ones!

Good Luck!
And get some applesauce/jello ready. Because it does hurt during ht efirst week!

Hope i helped!

you can change the colors of the rubber bands that they put in your braces, so i’m not sure what you mean by “colored braces”. these are changed monthly when you go to the ortho. they do not color your teeth…i had them and nothing ever happened. they ask you to choose from different colors each time you go and then they put them in for you.

if you really want to get colored braces, then i’d go with purple, blue, or just plain silver colored ones…..if u get ones that for example..they will look, like you have spinach stuck in ur teeth, if they’re pink.. they’ll match the color of your gums.

hmm, well i used to have braces, and i always got colored.. i think it would be cool to use colors. sometimes its easier using just regular silver ones, because it will always match your outfit. but getting colors shows creativity and oringinalality. if you do decide to get colors, go with pink and white, for valentines day or something..

hope i helped! xx

I always changed it every time i went and got different colors i thought it was fun b/c the clear look yellow after a while, just have fun with it

I have braces, I had no choice on color, the kind I have are just plain; they don’t require any elastics. There’s the kind that do require elastics, those are a lot harder to put on aparently and they take longer. I wish I had colored ones tho, I totally woulda got those

no i wouldn’t get colored. dude.
but if there would be only co loured i would get like…red or something so that is not gonna show off alot. teeth gum colour is kinda pink but i would look gay with pink braces.

lol, they put these band things on the braces to keep the wire in place… it wont affect your teeth color(but if you get like yellow it would make your teeth look more yellow!)
why not get colored braces… i like this color called aqua for braces 🙂

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