Should my eight year old be in the delivery room?

Just recently found out my husband and I will be having our 3rd child due in February of next year. we’ve explained this to our 8 year old daughter and as best as we could to our 4 year old son. My daughter has expressed the interest of being in the delivery room (time of day permitting) when the baby is born…

At 8 years old, maybe. It’s REALLY up to you, and you need to make it clear that she doesn’t have to stay in there, and if you feel uncomfortable or if something starts happening then you need to have someone nearby who would pick her up and take her out.

My sister forced her 12 year old to be in the room when her 15 year old had a baby to “teach her a lesson” about not having babies at early ages. Now… it scared her 12 year old terribly. Scarred her emotionally and mentally. The result was that her 12 year old decided she’d never have children, and became afraid of men, to the point where it affected her for life, affected her ability to have relationships, and basically has made it so she will never have children, never have a husband, and be afraid of having babies (and of others having babies) for the rest of her life. Yeah, my sister got her message across I guess… but egads. That was emotional abuse!

Now, if your 8 year old wants to be there, if you make sure that if something unforeseen or dangerous happens that she is removed, if you take basic precautions to protect her if something happens, then I don’t see a problem with it. If everything goes normally then it shouldn’t be that scary. But I would have her watch videos beforehand, and make it clear to her that she doesn’t have to be there, and if she’s not there then she still gets to see the baby first thing even if she was out in the hallway when things were happening. At 8, I would respect her wishes to be there, but I would be very careful to make sure she was protected and not forever scarred.

I would first of all find out if the hospital even allows that. Many dont let young children in the delivery room.

Maybe you should see if one of the nurses at the hospital can help show your daughter what goes on in the delivery room to help prepare her to know what to expect also. Talk to her about it too.. maybe share stories of her birth, and her brother’s birth.

The experience can either be traumatic.. or a learning experience.. it depends on how everyone handles it. Keep in mind, years ago.. women gave birth at home.. in their own bedrooms.. other children were often present.. or at least waiting patiently in the living room.

Showing interest and experiencing it is a different story.

You need to check with the hospital or doctor if children are allow at delivery. Some places will not let as they are more of a distraction than adults.

I know I would be scarred for life if I saw my mum giving birth to my siblings but that’s just me, I couldn’t stand watching a birthing video.

only be conscious that the video would be a touch frightening and not so friendly yet once you’re there interior the 2nd, it particularly is a lot extra acceptable. attempt gazing “a touch one tale” on TLC some cases to prepare for gazing the video clips. They practice extra of what happens optimum as much as the pushing so which you would be attentive to what to anticipate in the process the entire exertions.

I think that it is a wonderful idea. However, I would make sure to have someone else there with her because you and your husband need to be completely focused on YOU. The nurses are not babysitters either. The other person can check in with her, make sure she’s doing good, and talk to her about what is happening, etc. I am happy that you are willing to consider her interest in this, it has the potential to be very influential!

Depends on his maturity level and whether you even want him in the delivery room. I wouldn’t want any kids at my delivery.

It’s up to you! You should ask the hospital if they allowed kids to be in the delivery room. Some hospital don’t.

Have her watch a birth video first to make sure she REALLY understands what is happening.

I think that would be a really great experience for her. Someday she will be able to tell her sibling that she witnessed their birth. How incredible!

i personally do not think it is appropriate for a child of any age to be in the delivery room. they will not understand what is going on, and its just not place for them to be.

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