Shouldn’t only an American be president? So why are people voting for Obama?

Obama isn’t really an American, hes a black Muslim. He’s an African, Africans arent Americans, we need an American! I think it would be much better if we just picked McCain, Obama has no right to run!

Well, I don’t know about you but Obama is a Christian and American. You and other like you need to think for yourself and stop listening to conservative talks show. They don’t want you to vote for Obama. The only question you need to answer is. Are you happy the way things are, than vote for McCain, if not, vote for Obama. :p

Obama is not a Muslim. And are you really saying that only White Christians should be President? Maybe they should also have to be men? And old? Barack Obama is a patriotic American who is not in the pocket of Big Oil and Wall Street, wants to protect the middle class, and has served his country well so far. Both he and yes, John McCain are good men. Don’t spread lies and misinformation.

Obama is American, as has been pointed out to you already.

His mother was a white American.

He was born and raised mainly in America.

America is historically a multi-cultural country – one of the most ethnically diverse in the world. Spanish, French, English, Irish, African – it goes back hundreds of years. Most of the people you think of as ‘not American’ probably have families who have lived in the US for generations. And they don’t all necessarily live in ghettos or communities. Obama didn’t.

As for his father being Kenyan, if you read a little more about him, you’d know that he hardly saw his father while he was growing up and when he did it was in Hawaii, ie, Obama’s home. That hardly makes Obama an African.

His time abroad was, if anything, a very good experience for someone in politics. It gave him perspective on the US, and helped him appreciate it more than if he’d only ever lived in it. Again, you need to read some of the things he’s written to know this.

He’s also not a muslim and never has been. That rumor has long been dispelled as just that – a rumor. You really need to get your facts straight before you align yourself with the other ignorant people who keep saying this without bothering to check the truth of it. Sorry to be harsh, but it’s annoying to find people so willing to bad-mouth but so unwillling to do any research.

what you need to be president..beside money
be a natural-born citizen of the U.S. this counts for McCain he was born to American citizens aboard. McCain would have had pick his citizenship by 18yrs of age in most cases. Obama was born to an American and a man from Kenya. This counts for citizenship because Obama was born to an American mother and on U.S. soil, hawaii.
be at least 35yrs of age…both meet this.
have been a permanent resident in the U.S. for at least 14yrs.
these are the same qualifications for VP

He’s not African. He is American, like you and I. And if i remember correctly McCain wasn’t born in the United States. However they are both eligible to run for President or they wouldn’t have made it this far.

Nice try though!

A Muslim can be an American too, and he is a Christian did you pay attention to the news when they made a big deal about his pastor?

There is a rumour that Obama was born in Kenya and that his mom flew him to Hawaii and forged a U.S. birth certificate.
If that’s true then he would not qualify, since both parents must be American citizens if he was born abroad.

McCain was born on a U.S. millitary base that was considered U.S. soil at the time of his birth.
His dad was serving in the Navy at the time.
Therefore, he qualifies as a natural born citizen.
Plus, I don’t think it’s a good idea to penalize children of families serving this country abroad. Families who fought for this country deserve better than that.

People seem to forget that his mother WAS a white from Kansas so even if his father is and African from Kenyan, he still is American. He was born and raised in Hawaii, which has been a state for a while now. If he wasn’t American, he wouldn’t even be eligible to run! God, why does everything always have to include race?

“K well what about the fact hes a black Muslim??”

A) Who cares if he’s black.
B) He’s not Muslim, he’s Christian.

And, as other people have pointed out, Obama’s father was African. Obama is an American.

Linda: not everyone in the midwest is a hillbilly racist. I AM NOT and neither is any part of my family or friends are racist. I’m mixed with black, german, danish, polish, indian and chinese. I live in the Midwest. How could I possibly be racist. HA!!! There are racist hillbilly’s every where, not just the midwest. I resent that statement…..but to the question at hand: I understand you’re a Mccain supporter, so of course you’ll come up with that nonsense…It’s only natural. Personally, I’d like Obama to win, but I am disappointed at how he voted for the 700B for banks, given Mccain did vote the same way. Shame really. I don’t want to be in debt for the rest of my life! or any part of it for that matter.

because of the fact the downward style will develop right into a vertical one with Obama is a robust reason. because of the fact his appreciably left close to-communist viewpoints are opposite to almost all of human beings is one. because of the fact he has proved to be divisive is one. because of the fact his loss of adventure dooms him to be ineffectual as President (that’s certainly a silver lining) is one. because of the fact him as President may be the main suitable present the Islamo-fascists of the international ought to ever dream of is one. The somewhat difficult question is calling a reason TO vote for him. Even Hillary could be a greater perfect President! Oh, yeah; and Kobe, you being a millionaire and all, he could thieve your money to purchase votes for himslf and different radical socialists so they could look down on every physique.

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