What are the different types of Chihuahua?

I see in pictures that some Chihuahua looks different from other ones. What are the different types they come in and weight? I am interest in getting one. Help please…

There are longhaired and short haired Chi’s.. thats it. They can come in a variety of colors tho.

Some people may refer to some as an “applehead” or a “deerhead”.. the “applehead” is the preferred dome-shaped heads.. the “deerhead” ones do not have the dome shaped heads. This isnt really a “type” of Chihuahua.. just a description of the skull shape.

There is no such thing as a “teacup, mini, micromini, pocket..” or any other size of Chihuahua.. they only come in one size. which is suppossed to be 6 pounds or less.

There are long haired chihuahuas, and smooth haired chihuahuas. They should have similar weights. Please do not get a teacup chihuahua though. That is not a real breed, only dogs who were bred in someone’s backyard for money! They generally have very small mouths which can not even contain all their teeth, and they are very prone to diseases since their small bodies are so fragile. Buy from a reputable breeder, or even better ADOPT, many dog die every year, just because people want a “designer breed”. You know what you should do? Go to a shelter, find the biggest, ugliest dog you see, and adopt him/her. Then you will really be making a difference in a dog’s life. Because many people want a small puppy, but who will want him? i actualy went on the internet, and found the most abused dog i could, and adopted him..He is BY FAR the most amazing dog i have ever owned!!!!!
Hope i helped.

There are only two diffrent coat lengths: smooth coat and long coat.
There is only one size: regular Chi
There are only two diffrent head types: Deer headed and Apple headed. ( but Deer head is only bred by BYB and you should avoid them, and BTW deer headed chi came by a breeding MISTAKE and deer headed Chi should NEVER be bred )
There are many diffrent coloring: Creme, white, black, tan, brown, and even diffrent colors together, such as black and white, creme and brown, etc…

Dont buy from a petstore b/c they get their pups from puppymills.
Dont buy from anyone claiming that they have “designer dogs”, “Pocket Chihuahuas”, “Micro Mini Chihuahuas”, “Toy Chihuahuas”, “Miniature Chihuahuas” or even “Designer, Pocket, Micro, Toy, Mini, Chis ” Believe me, some people will do whatever it takes to make some $$$$$. all those people are BYB or Back Yard Breeders. try to avoid them at all costs.

The best thing to do would be to go and adopt from a shelter or a Chihuahua rescue.
But if you want a pure bred, AKC, etc…. Chi than you need to buy from a reputable breeder and not a BYB.
even if the dogs are pure bred, AKC, etc… Doesn’t make the breeder a reputable breeder.

Here are the pics that you wanted

Long Haired

smooth coat

Deer head

Apple Head




brown and tan

Oh and Lulubelle is a Long haired Chihuahua
Look at this site.
It has her and her sibs on it.



and the last one is Lulubelles Home page of her own website.

Those people over spoil that lil dog.

Long or short coat.

Applehead (is the style that is preferred and is actually to standard, has a short nose and a high forehead)

Deerhead (that ratty face with the short forehead and longer nose)

As for size, anywhere from 2-12 lbs. Though the standard calls for under 6.

The only AKC accepted types are Long and Smooth haired.

Standard size is 6lbs or less.

Any other variation in size, shape, etc. is a result of poor breeding.


i like long and short hair and also my hair has gone through both. but i like longer hair because theres more you can do together with it

There are two types, long haired and short haired. Their size and weight just depends on their parents etc

Ours are appleheads they have a little bit different head shape that is nicer looking (we thought ) then the regular ones, they are 6lbs full grown.

Well, I have in order to admit I love girls with long hair… for me, the longer, the actual better… I honestly can’t think regarding anyone who looked better with short hair


maybe this page will help good luck

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