What are you giving the Yahoo Answers Team for Christmas?

Lots of frozen computer screens, a truck load of out date technology to use for their mail system, a number of random coffee break screen messages, and unlimited of violations on harmless, non evasive questions …… = )

The factors counter seems to be having a Yahoo espresso ruin on the 2d. It retains telling you which you have earned basically about all those factors in spite of the shown fact that it rather isn’t any longer truthfully including something on your regularly occurring finished, its basically no longer resetting to 0 after posting the “thank you you have earned x factors” message. it rather is getting tremendously demanding, displaying up whenever you hit enter.

An opportunity to once again give me a violation for chatting,soliciting,this is not a question nor an answer. inappropriate avatar. If they get real lucky,they can even get their jollies suspending me yet again.Heck I am feeling generous this year, I’ll even throw in a fruitcake for them to enjoy on those coffee breaks.

A bag of troll dung that I have been collecting. That and their little shrunken troll heads on a stick. I still have a few days to thinks of what other crap I can gather up for them.

Almost out of answers again, So have a Merry Christmas!!

A great answer to a question or a Surprise Party!

I will skip the guys and for females I will give them gr8 hug and lonnnnnnnnng period kiss from the lips of course.

A good whack with my moped. When they ask why I did it, I’ll explain that they violated the community code of conduct. Then I’ll run over them again. When they ask to see the community code of conduct, I’ll give them some half-@ssed, vague, and nebulous list of mores that will leave them only more confused. I’ll then hit them again with the moped. When they start screaming appeals for me to stop, I’ll tell them to read the community code of conduct. Then I’ll run them over once more, pretending not to hear their screams of confused agony.

Payback’s a beyotch, isn’t it? 🙂

A “Yamster burger’?
NOOoooo, A nice box of chockies.
Rose P.

the first one gets it in the knee.
and I weight for more to come out and play

The stink finger

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