What are your views on unisex cricket?

Could we ever see men and women playing International cricket together?

I know Women’s cricket may not have reached the same level or height as Men’s cricket, but there are those stand out females who could be quite capable of playing in a team with men. Maybe a unisex international cricket tournament,…

Good idea, out school team played against a girls team in first form as they didn’t have a girls grade and I managed my highest ever score of 3 runs.

and by the way it has happened before, in the Alan Boarder tribute match Brian Lara was dismissed by the Aussies top woman cricketer Zoe Goss who was playing in the match, it was her 50th international wicket as well, great match too.

Whatever happened to those matches? they were fun when they had the batsmen fitted with microphones so the comentators could chat with them and they asked Lara why he was just blocking the woman bowler and he grumbled “I’m not getting out to a woman” and then the very next ball……

Sorry but it was a Bradman testimonial match in 1994 and if you want to watch the event check it out

I remember a charity match a few years ago and Ian Healy’s niece was wicketkeeping for one of the sides. She kept beautifully and then went on to score a quick 50 of some of the best bowlers in the country-and no they were not holding back. I remember some of the male cricketers complaining that she was making them look bad, lol. Some of the commentators were touting her as the best wicketkeeper in the country after Gilly.
That said I think that there are isolated cases were women could be competitive in men’s cricket, but the cases are far and few between. The fun charity games would be a good way of showing this to the public and possible raising the profile of women’s cricket.

Its a good idea for the future, but not right now.

Women’s cricket is really horrendous. As a matter of fact, I was watching a match between India and Australia, and the fastest ball I saw was 68 mph! Thats just not proper standards.

And because of the poor bowling, batting takes advantage of it making lots of runs. I think players who didn’t even make the 30-man squad for the man’s team are better than the women’s main squad (in any country).

Also, I’m not being sexist or anything but…I think females are weaker and won’t be able to handle the blistering speeds of fast bowlers like Shaun Tait, Brett Lee, Ishant Sharma, James Anderson, etc, etc.

It may take some time for this idea to be employed (if a new breed of strong women develop).

I don’t think the standard of women’s cricket is the same as the men. The really fast bowlers in the women’s game can bowl upto only 120km/h. If you’ve ever seen a women’s cricket match, the boundaries are brought in 10 metres at least and still they can only just manage to clear the ropes.

And I agree with Asdf, bowlers like Tait, Lee, Ishant etc will be too much for the women. They won’t be used to that sort of pace.

Edit: Its a good idea if its in a charity match.

The best female cricketer in the world (whoever she may be) would not get a game in district/grade cricket, they may have some success at the local park club,but as stated previously there skill level is light years below there male counterparts, and I am not being chauvinistic, it is a fact, sorry ladies !! Oh hang on ,England had a female player some years back, Ashley Giles I think her name was, anyway she was useless.

I think unisex cricket is best kept for charity event or for indoor cricket TBH.I’m not meaning to put wonams cricket down but i don’t think they are really up to par with the boys.I know most of the girls have balls anyway but i dont think they would be able to keep up with the guys.
I love watching mixed indoor,its pretty full on and fast too.i think thats about as far as it goes though.

A female spinner has got to be better than any of the spinners Australia’s using. Or South Africa. Or England.

Can you imagine a woman getting hit in the box by a 155km/h Shaun Tait thunderbolt?

It would be a great idea and fun watch the match

Not such a great idea, but it’s not bad for charity matches

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