What measures can help minimize welfare abuse?

I’m writing a paper on welfare and social services. One section is on welfare abuse, and I have to make suggestions on what measures can be put in place to minimize welfare/social services abuse. I have some ideas but I’m looking for more that I may not have thought of.

For the purpose of the paper,…

I like your idea of expanding the wic program. A long time ago instead of food stamps you got a food box with the staples in it they should bring that back. Some states already require you to show proof of looking for a job or working to qualify, I think all states should do that.
Also, we pay farmers to grow less crops. Instead of doing that give the extra food to the poor in place of food stamps or at a huge discount.

First, differentiate between food stamps and cash benefits. Food stamp use is regulated by the Department of Agriculture and there are guidelines as to what can and cannot be purchased. Cash benefits aka Welfare is just that cash. Those benefits are not regulated and can be used on anything by simply withdrawing the money from and ATM or point of sale purchase.

More regulation on the cash benefits would go a long way. Food stamps could be expanded to include things such as diapers, tooth paste, wipes, soap, etc and not being able to purchase soda, candy, etc. This way it helps to ensure that the children and adults are able to meet their basic needs without handing them cash.

Another thing that gets to me about food stamps is they can be used on Organic Foods with a price point of $3.50 plus for a half gallon of Organic milk. WIC just recently stopped allowing organic Milk but fruits and veggies are still eligible. The idea of food stamps is to provide basic needs.

WIC was recently expanded to include fresh fruit/veggies, bread, and jarred baby food. WIC serves families with children age 5 and under.

Benefits also vary State to State.

Abuse of the system is already minimal – far, far less than what the extreme right wing would dearly love for you to believe. Many states already require a recipient to have/find employment as a condition of continuing to receive aid money.

Those same states generally also regulate what can be purchased with the electronic debit card that’s used nowadays (actual “food stamps” are well on their way to extinction). Again, it’s a myth that this is a magical method to eating five-star cuisine on a nightly basis.

Eliminating per-child benefits is no good. What if a stay-at-home mom has three kids, and her working husband is killed in a car accident? Why should she be punished for having too many kids when that wasn’t unreasonable before the accident? Why should the children be told “tough luck, suck it up and eat less?”

The best way to continue to minimize abuse is to examine state laws and close any loopholes that do allow the small population of cheaters to cheat.

The next best thing to do is to enhance the job market. Increase fines and penalties for companies employing illegals – make it worth their while to actually hire Americans again.

Outside of that, there are many businesses that could benefit from a tax credit for employing aid recipients as part of a “getting back on your feet” program. Everyone could benefit from that.

Keep in mind though – if you’re going to put extra workforce power to policing something, then you very well might end up spending more money than you’d end up saving. That doesn’t do anyone any good. It would only hurt the taxpayers *and* the legitimately needy.

People receiving welfare should show proof that they are trying to find work. There need to be random checks to see if a recipient is living alone or with someone who is paying their bills. There should be drug screenings and anyone using drugs should be denied welfare and their children removed from the home.

I have two close family members that are unnecessarily on social security. Both pretend like they cannot work due to being “crazy”. One works for cash on the side and does not report it and the other does part time volunteer work that is identical to what they could be getting paid to do (but they have the peace of mind of knowing they don’t have to do it or even go in on days they do not feel like it). I do not know but I think they both get welfare.
I know for a fact that neither has a thing wrong with them; I grew up with them.
The less honorable one makes more than I do after both income sources are considered. He also uses free California legal services to sue the state, police and anyone else he thinks he can sue with bogus lawsuits. He never wins them but the state foots the bills and the already tied up courts waste their time.
Welfare is assumed to go to good people just because poor people are automatically assumed to be good people.
I would report them but I do not have enough tangible evidence and can’t get it easily. Also my dad threatens he will write me out of inheritance if I do. He seems to think he did not get as much SSI as he deserves and thinks the other family members getting it are making up for what he should get.
Meanwhile, California is hurting-BAD.

Women can’t continue to have children while receiving welfare and being unemployed.

Welfare can be collected for six months per lifetime.

Give the jobs being done by illegals to welfare recipients and cut them off welfare.

Drug test before check is issued and if the test is failed or the person doesn’t show, the welfare is cut off forever.

5 years max lifetime benefit, 3 kids and you get sterilized, no more tax breaks, free housing, no school fees, no schoool lunches, while you are buying red bull and eating steak for dinner every night, i agree that people should be able to eat, but when you are eating better than the people providing help for your family there is a huge problem. limit the amount of junk food and to be quite honest if a person on foodstamps living in section 8 housing has more than 50 bucks left over from their paycheck its way too damn much. most american families are lucky if they have 50 bucks left over for savings. they also should have to max out their hours at work , if they are cutting their hours when they get a raise so they dont lose their foodstamps, they should lose them all. if you have a cellphone, gold out the ***, and 30 pairs of snow white designer sneakers youshouldnt be on welfare!

If there are any fair minded conservatives left in this country who believe that government can be of value in easing some of the ills that mankind has brought upon itself, one example: underprivileged, malnourished and abused children, by helping some of said children and not just wait until they are lawbreakers and in jail. I would suggest some conservatives work in public service.

Workfare. For instance instead of government subsidizing farms for $25 billion a year while approving green cards for farm labor, the government would force those on welfare to work on the farms in order to get their money.

Here in Texas we give our republicans what is known as a Lone Star Card. It is like a credit card that gets loaded once a month. One step to reducing fraud would be for stores to be required to request ID from anyone using the card.

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