What’s the most inappropriate place you’ve ever had an uncontrollable fit of the giggles??

In a prison shower…

I took my teenage son and his friends to a haunted house. He had to pee so I was sitting in the car and instead of using the bathroom he used the grass. As he came back a police officer was walking quickly behind him. He was going to issue a ticket for indecent exposure. as I was talking to the cop my sons friends were behind the officer making funny faces and mimicking his movements. it was just like a movie. Every time the officer turned around they were still as a mouse. I was trying so hard not to laugh. I tried to bite my tongue. But my giggles was out of control and the officer started yelling at me for being a poor influence but it didn’t matter. I was beyond caring just cracking up at the situation !
In the end no ticket was issued and we moved on to the next haunted house with a good laugh. !!!!

During the wedding of my brother. His soon to be wife had given him an ultimatum some months before, either marriage or it’s over. So when they arrived at the “I take thee …..”, she began to nearly hyperventilate and gulping in air and crying with mascara running down, looking like a drunken racoon, and she fished this tissue from between her boobs, blew in it like an elephant and in it went again. I just looked at my sister and exploded into giggles and we couldn’t stop, there we were in that silence except her hiccups and the priest asking her if she was being forced which made us giggle more coz it had been her who “forced” my brother. I am laughing again remembering.

Well, I’m not sure it was inappropriate, but what comes to mind is church. I find many of the sayings of Jesus–and other figures in the Bible–to be hilarious, and empowering. This is one of the many, many reasons I stopped going to church. Most have such an unhealthy, oppressive environment that does not allow for the expression of healthy emotions.

Anytime I think to myself that I need to NOT LAUGH. I get giggle fits A LOT when I’m nervous. A giggle fit is NOT something to have during sex. It enrages people and sometimes makes them unable to perform.

I did that in college just before Christmas, I had to leave the room, giggling like a little school boy!!

Probably on a bus full of oldies, i cant remember what happened but my daughter did something funny and i was trying to tell her off, his old woman gave me this horrid look and i just lost it i was laughing for about 15 mins!

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2.In the middle of a test
3.waiting area with about 100 and absolute silence

At my grandfather’s funeral…. it was a trippy surrealistic deep south Baptist fire and brimstone altar call type of affair and the guy preaching was about 120 years old, and I just barely was able to contain myself… the whole thing was hysterical to me.

In the middle of a class presentation!!One of my groupmates mispronounced ‘monks and nuns’ as ‘mo(as in more)nks ang nunks’!I tried very hard to stop myself from laughing as we were being assessed by our teacher but it was so hilarious!I was shaking behind my script with laughter.

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