Where is the Drain Plug for oil 1982 Honda NU50 Urban Express?

I don’t even know if it will be salvageable. It had been chained to my Uncles Home During Hurricane Ike. There was like 22ft storm surge there, and it was under water for a while. It has began to rust on the outside but Its is an 82′. Saltwater Can be bad on stuff like that, or anything for that matter. What Would…

It doesn’t have a drain plug.
The bottom end is completely dry – no oil.
Belt drive from the crankshaft to the rear wheel.

Look in the fuel tank – any rust and the tank will need to be repaired.
Kreem Fuel Tank Liner and Tank Prep Combo

Remove the cylinder head (4 bolts) – any rust on the cylinder wall and the top end will need to be rebuilt.

The carb will need cleaning.
Will need a new battery.
If you have the time, money and patience – it will be a good restoration project.
If you just want to get it running and ride it, it may not be worth it.

You can sell it for parts to Moped Army
Go to – Photos – View Photos – Urban Express – to see what it will look like after restoration.

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1982 Honda 50

there is no drain plug for the motor, but there is one for the gear case- its on the bottom of the rear side cover on the chain side. refill it with motor oil.

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