Which public school in DC should Obama send his daughters to?

Or will they send them to private school so they con’t have to sit next to white boys?

Shaw Middle School at Garnet Patterson. I’ll tell you why: It is located on U street which is well known for diversity. It’s a school that’s being restructured, and the improvements made there so far (2 months) are impressive.

Private school offers better security. If Bush had done a better job with No Child Left Behind… public schools wouldn’t be so looked down on.

I love when the right-wing brings up this point… anyone with money or a security need send their children to a private school.

none. It would be absurd to subject those kids to the open environment of a public school. The president is always a target for whack-jobs and putting his children out there as targets as well would be inappropriate for any president to do. Certainly with all the disgruntled republicans out there and the fact that he is of African Heritage the threat to these kids would be greater than otherwise expected. Not only do you have the nut-case-sore-losers but you also have the holier than thou whites that hate blacks just for having been born.
The job we’ve given him dictates that extraordinary precautions be taken, acting like the president and his family is as free as the rest of us is simply unrealistic.

No as bad is the public schools are in Washington DC. They have been looking at private schools.

I’m thinking it could be Sidwell. That’s where Chelsea went.
But, I don’t think it would be a public school at all – security security…
In fact, I wouldn’t want to go to public school in DC.

Have you ever been to DC? I’d send my kids to private school too.

Public schools are for “other” people’s kids. Obama probably wants his to get an actual education.

What in DC go to school you got to be kidding me
You ever seen a school in DC yell right the crime Capitol of the country
If I was president I would have my kids
Home schooled in the White House

That is a decision for the family to make-not us. Public schools are not the proper place for such high profile children, IMO. For the safety of the 2 little girls, as well as the rest of the student body, the kids need to be in a school accustomed to children of high profile parents.

Whichever school they go to, school is school. Both public and private educate kids.

Is there a wrong school? Please let me know.

And where did Bush send his daughter anyway?

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